100,000 Democrats Working for a Better Tomorrow


100,000 is a number that represents a bright future for our country.

It’s the number of current registrants in our free Democratic campaign training programs.

100,000 passionate Democrats working to build a better tomorrow for our country and communities.

A number growing each day as more Democrats look to us for the tools, resources, expert advice, and training they need to WIN.

Collectively, this group completed over 16,000 courses and 300,000 lessons in our Online Academy, virtual, and in-person live trainings. 

Giving Democrats the Tools to Win in November

This is a crucial election for our country.

As such, we are so proud of our candidates, campaign teams, and local leaders. They have taken a stand and adapted to the obstacles 2020 has thrown at them. 

The National Democratic Training Committee has close to 1400 candidates on the ballot this November. 

  • 60 percent of our candidates are women
  • 40 are competing in U.S House races
  • 13 are Obama endorsed candidates
  • NDTC-trained Candidates are on the ballot in all 50 states

The stakes have never been higher, but thanks to partners like the National Democratic Training Committee, I know we can emerge victorious in November.

Joe Biden, Former Vice President and Democratic Presidential Nominee


Overcoming Obstacles Every Step of the Way

As we all know, 2020 has been a year that tested even the most veteran campaigner. But, our candidates, campaign staffers, and local leaders have continued to rise above despite the obstacles they faced. And, we are honored they turned to us to help them adapt to every part of their campaign. 

From how to raise money when you can’t meet in person, to managing your volunteer team virtually, since the start of the pandemic, trainees have taken 161,339 Democratic campaign training lessons in our Online Academy and attended 175 Virtual Live Training sessions.

(Visit our Campaigning in COVID-19 resource hub to find the resources your campaign needs, including our Campaigning in the Time of GOTV Strategy Guide.)

Building the Bench for an Ongoing Blue Wave

Our work doesn’t end in November. It has just begun. 

New and prospective candidates have access to the Democratic campaign training they need to decide if running for office is right for them, how to choose the right office, and how to announce their candidacy. We, then, walk them through every step of the way from launch to win.

Campaign staffers learn how to help their campaigns succeed, and are provided the training and resources to build their careers beyond entry-level and field positions, and learn how to grow and lead diverse, inclusive campaign teams. 

Local Democratic Leaders can find information on running effective meetings, to bigger picture items like building inclusive and representative parties, to working with candidates and their community to drive progressive goals. 

There’s a minimal chance I would have won in the primary without the NDTC training. My opponent had the experience and knowledge of campaigning. I had no campaign experience, no fundraising experience, and no political experience at all.

Sam Charbonneau, Former Candidate for Indiana House of Representatives, District 72


Democratic Campaign Training for Down Ballot Campaigns

At our inception, we recognized the nearly 517,000 elected offices where Democrats could run and win. This shift in political power produces structural change throughout America. 

While, the most high profile races get national media attention, we know it’s the local offices that have the ability to change communities. 

We saw folks straining to balance their lives while running for office. They needed support. We also saw that many felt overwhelmed or paralyzed, and did not know where to begin. That is why we built free Democratic campaign training that candidates could immediately access and put to use in their run. 

For example, an elementary school teacher who wants to run for school board or a county office does not have the opportunity to quit their full-time job to run their campaign. They have to balance their family and work-life on top of running for office. 

There is a LOT to know about running for office. I am very thankful that an organization like NDTC exists to demystify the process and help everyday people run, not just the wealthy and powerful!

Amanda Douglas, 2018 Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives (OK-1)


Representation Across America

Diverse and inclusive representation matters. 

That’s why one of our goals is to support a diverse cohort of candidates, campaign staff, and party leaders. Leaders who represent the diverse makeup of our country. 

Our program’s accessibility provides historically underserved and underrepresented groups the Democratic campaign training needed to compete for leadership positions. 

Encouraging representation that reflects our country has never been more important, and it starts with access. 

Unlike the current officeholders, who are primarily white and male, our trainee breakdown closely resembles that of the current electorate.

democratic campaign training: National Democratic Training Committee

Additionally, we offer special programs like our NDTC Staff Academy, which recruits, trains, and places staffers on Democratic campaigns across the country. This program prioritizes leaders who are women, people of color, and transgender and non-binary people. 

We strive to make the next 100,000 leaders who sign-up for our Democratic campaign training programs an even closer representation of the diverse makeup of America. 

Being a member of the NDTC Staff Academy class of 2019 was one of the most positive experiences of my life. I was able to train with a diverse group of the most talented and dedicated people I have ever had the pleasure of encountering. I came away from the program knowing that the future of Democratic politics is in good hands and that I have the knowledge and skills to make a positive impact on progressive campaigns.

— Eleanor McDonough, 2019 Staff Academy Graduate


Support On Every Level of Democratic Campaigns

Our ability to support Democratic wins earns us support from across the party.

The Biden-Harris campaign, as well as countless other Democratic officer holders, former Presidential candidates, and Progressive organizations have endorsed us. 

democratic campaign training: National Democratic Training Committee

We are 100% donor-funded and have donors across all 50 states. 

85% of our donors contribute less than $100 to support our mission of training candidates in their local communities.

Will You Join Us?

We are honored to have so many Democrats from around the country trust us, and will continue to turn the country blue by providing Democratic campaign training our candidates, campaign staff, and local leaders need to win!

It’s Our Time. Let’s Win Together!

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