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Over the last month, the National Democratic Training Committee hosted our first ever Regional Candidate Bootcamps! These bootcamps provided candidates the training they need to win, whether they planned to run for office in the future or wanted to enhance their current political campaign.

NDTC’s Regional Bootcamps were designed for anyone planning to run for office or work on a campaign in the future. For candidates in the early stages of a campaign, the Campaign Planning sessions taught learners how to build and execute a comprehensive campaign plan. For those who already had a campaign plan, our Campaign Skills sessions leveled up the skills they need to win an election

With this in mind, here’s what happens at an NDTC Regional Bootcamp. 

A Day of Campaign Training

Each bootcamp started with a group training on political campaign planning. We explained the importance of campaign planning and the fundamentals of a good campaign plan.

Check out this blog post for more information on the components of your campaign plan: The Fundamentals of Your Political Campaign Plan. For a campaign plan template to work on after the session, click here!

After this first session, the bootcamp broke out into a full day of programming. NDTC’s trainers facilitated sessions in each of the four areas of campaigning: digital, fundraising, field, and communications. Below is a sample of the trainings offered over the course of the day. 


How to Build a Political Campaign Field Plan

The field plan details how the campaign will contact, persuade, and get voters to the polls. It sets concrete voter contact and volunteer recruitment goals for the upcoming quarter and the entire campaign.

This training discussed how to craft a comprehensive field plan. It laid out how to persuade  voters to support a campaign, as well as get out the vote (GOTV) efforts.

To see a field plan template after the session, click here


How to Persuade Voters

Unsure who you need to reach in your field plan? Knowing which voters you have to persuade to meet your vote goal is an integral part of your campaign.

In this session, trainees learned how to have effective persuasion conversations. By the end of the session, participants also understood why campaigns need dedicated volunteers for their persuasion efforts.

Take a look at this course in NDTC’s free online academy for more information: Field Tactics


How to Build a Political Campaign Fundraising Plan 

Not sure how to raise money for your campaign? This session helps you get started!

“Without understanding how to construct a fundraising plan, who to ask for contributions and that the candidate themselves must do a lot of asking for funds, even the best candidates will lose.”

— NDTC Trainer, Marty Stone


This training introduced candidates to what a political campaign fundraising plan is, and its importance in a campaign plan. Trainees learned how to analyze different fundraising metrics and set concrete fundraising goals for a campaign.

Get up to speed by taking our course: Writing Your Campaign’s Fundraising Plan.


Fundraising in Action: How to Ask for Money

Nobody will ever donate to a campaign if you don’t ask. This is why it is so important to learn to ask for money. 

“If you have prepared properly, you will be asking the right people for the right amount, and you will be allowing your potential donors to invest in someone they can believe in and feel represented by.”

— NDTC Trainer, Karina Rigel


This training taught candidates how to develop credible talking points about their campaign when speaking with potential donors.

Practice after the live session: Making the Ask.


How to Build a Political Campaign Communications Plan

Need help with best communication practices for a campaign? Communications is the driving force behind connecting with the public. 

In this session, trainees learned what a political campaign communications plan is, as well as the importance of getting out a message and platform. 

For more information, take NDTC’s course: Creating a Political Campaign Communications Plan


How to Write a Stump Speech

Have you developed the key components of your stump speech? The stump speech is the candidate’s standard speech, delivered day after day during a political campaign.

In this session, candidates learned how to shape their core message, story of self, and ask into an effective stump speech.

In order to read more about stump speeches, check out this blog post: The Top Five Tips For Writing Your Stump Speech


How to Build a Political Campaign Digital Plan

Digital strategy is a necessary element of any larger campaign plan. It assists with fundraising and volunteer recruitment, among other things. 

“The digital part of your campaign plan is becoming more and more important to reach voters and raise funds.”

— NDTC Trainer, Stacey Chavis


This training discussed how to set concrete goals for your campaign’s digital operation, such as dollars raised, new followers gained, or supporters identified. In addition, it helped plan the core of your digital campaign, including: email, social media, and texting.

In order to learn more after the training, check out this course: Planning Your Political Campaign Digital Strategy.


Intro to Social Media for Your Political Campaign

Social media is vital to marketing any campaign. It can facilitate engagement with supporters, and help get the votes to win. 

In this session, candidates learned the ins and outs of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. NDTC’s trainers shared best practices for social media to add to a campaign digital plan. 

In order to learn more, take our course: Digital Campaigning: Social Media

At NDTC, we think a strong community is a huge part of running and winning a successful political campaign. This is why our bootcamps featured networking sessions in the middle of the day for participants to connect, as well as an opportunity to learn more about NDTC’s political partners at the close of the day.

NDTC hosts virtual live trainings (VLT’s) regularly. Come learn about every aspect of political campaigning from our expert pool of trainers. Sign up for a VLT today!

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