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Are you an aspiring campaign Field Director? Are you excited to become a strategic, informed leader on a Democratic political campaign? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, keep reading!

The National Democratic Training Committee is excited to announce the Democratic Strategy Institute’s (DSI) Field Director Cohort. This free program is designed to transform experienced regional organizing directors into Field Directors on campaigns across the country. 

NDTC will be accepting applications for this exciting opportunity until 11:59pm ET on June 27, 2021. Apply for the Field Director Cohort today! 

Here is everything you need to know about DSI’s Field Director program.

What is the Field Director Cohort?

The Democratic Strategy Institute is committed to developing and investing in the next generation of qualified, effective field directors. As a result, the Field Director Cohort is a free, intensive 8-week training program. This cohort-structured program runs in the Fall from August to October 2021.

This initiative was created to provide access to strategies, tools, and resources that are not normally publicly available. Many programs train on Field, but it is difficult to find resources on data-driven strategies and inclusive campaign practices for running effective political campaigns. The very things passionate and proven field organizers need to take their careers to the next level.

The DSI Field Director Cohort will provide experienced field organizers and regional organizing directors the knowledge they need to become effective field directors. In 8 weeks, cohort members will learn to craft a Field plan, grow their political network, and establish a strong campaign culture. 

Develop an Effective Field Plan

One of the most critical skills a successful field director must have is the ability to develop an effective Field plan. It showcases how the various components of the Field plan fit into the larger campaign plan. 

Cohort members will learn how to establish a vote goal and win number in the first week. As a natural progression, they’ll go on to create a persuasion universe and go over voter contact plans that use P2P texting and direct mail. These strategies increase the effectiveness of a Field team’s direct voter contact attempts. 

Since December 2020, NDTC has been on track to create thirteen new courses that are field-centric or related to field. This comes out of a desire to pull back the curtain and show the method behind the madness. — Jemila Mitchell, NDTC Associate Program Director


Participants will also develop multiple data-driven strategies for winning their election. They’ll learn cutting edge Field tactics such as distributed, digital, and constituency organizing. Through the program, the cohort will learn strategies for reaching your campaign’s win number and engaging your community.

Learn more about Field tactics prior to applying with NDTC’s course: “Field Tactics.”

Grow Your Political Network

DSI participants will also have the opportunity to grow their political network. You’ll learn from and network with experienced Field staffers who have worked on multiple Democratic campaigns. There will also be weekly webinars where you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have related to Democratic politics and campaigning. Finally, NDTC will also assist participants with their job search following the completion of the program.

Learn more about political networking and finding a political campaign job with NDTC’s course: “Finding a Job in Democratic Politics.”

Create a Strong Campaign Culture

The Democratic Strategy Institute Field Director Cohort will learn how to cultivate an inclusive campaign culture. Participants will learn about the best management strategies for campaigns, as well as the best practices for hiring campaign staff. Cohort members will develop processes for managing their team and creating a culture of feedback. As a result, participants will gain the skills they need to be key contributors on a political campaign’s leadership team.

Learn more about equitable and inclusive campaign practices with NDTC’s course, “Foundations of Inclusive Practice,” or our Medium article, “How to Create an Inclusive Campaign.”

Who Should Apply to the Democratic Strategy Institute?

The Democratic Strategy Institute’s Field Director Cohort is an intensive program that will be accepting a small but dedicated group of trainees. So who should apply?

NDTC is looking for applicants with at least two cycles of field experience. Organizers should have experience in canvassing, both virtually and in-person, and achieved results.

Most importantly, you should apply to the Democratic Strategy Institute if you are passionate about using your organizing experience to improve communities across America. Field Directors unite people around a Democratic candidate or campaign and work to build a stronger, more equitable society. Applicants should be ready and willing to take these skills to the next level to advocate for the Democratic values they believe in.

Finally, in the same ethos as Staff Academy, NDTC prioritizes applicants who are women, people of color, as well as transgender and non-binary people. 

If this sounds like you, join the waitlist today to learn more about our next Field Director cohort!

Are You Ready to Become a Field Director?

2022 is going to be a big year. While Field staff must pay attention to down-ballot races, Democrats need Field Directors in congressional, Senate and State Legislature races. 

Truly, if there was a time that we as a Democratic party needed well-trained and experienced field leadership, this is it. — Matt Burke, NDTC Instructional Designer


If you are ready to become a leader on a political campaign, then you are ready for the Democratic Strategy Institute’s Field Director Training cohort. As a member of this small group of future campaign leaders, you’ll gain the skills you need to drive change in your community. You’ll learn how to turn your vision into a strategy that will win your Democratic political campaign.

Apply to the DSI’s Field Director Cohort today! Applications open on June 14, and will close at 11:59pm ET on June 27.


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