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There’s nothing better than grabbing great holiday gifts. Maybe you’re still wondering what to get the political enthusiast in your life. Or, maybe you’re looking to get yourself a little something for making it through 2020. Whatever the case, we got you covered. Here are some of our suggestions for this gift-giving season.

Bookstores and Reading Lists

Need some shopping inspiration for the book lover in your life? Times released their 2020 must-read list to help you out.

Oprah has a list of Black-owned bookshops broken down by state. Find the bookstore closest to you to get a copy of A Promised Land by Barak Obama or any of the books on the New York Times suggested Antiracist Read List.

Apparel and Self-care

Add some green to your space

It might sound a bit odd, but keeping houseplants is a form of self-care and make great holiday gifts! Plants improve the air quality in your space and help boost your mood. If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry. There are very low maintenance plants for you or the horticulturally-challenged person in your life.

Here’s a list of plant stores you can support this holiday season.

Pholk Beauty

Pholk Beauty is a Black-owned business in New Jersey that ships all-natural, handmade products nationwide. Take their quiz to determine which of their products is best for your skin. We encourage everyone to take some time this holiday season for an at-home spa day. 

The Outrage

Looking for something to make a fashion statement? The Outrage has everything from ugly sweaters to tote bags that will let the world know where you stand politically. Bonus: The Outrage makes a donation with every purchase made through their website. 


Check out Raygun ethically made, designed, printed, and very clever attire. If you are looking for the perfect “2020 Dumpster Fire” t-shirt, Raygun has you covered.

Shop Local

When in doubt, shop in your community. Support the local businesses that keep your community thriving. Many offer curbside pickup to make it easy on you and everyone else. Make sure to research and abide by a store’s physical distancing guidelines this holiday season if you shop in person. 


Cameo is an app that connects celebrities with fans in a fun, personable way. For a fee, a celebrity will leave a video message or even chat with you or a giftee! Fans of West Wing could have Joshua Molina leave them a happy holidays message or congratulate them on their campaign win! Or have The WhiteWalker tell someone “Winter is coming.”

Good Ol’ Cash

That’s right. Give the holiday gift of cash or gift cards. This year has been financially hard on a lot of people. Campaigns have ended. Your friends and family in politics may be looking for work. And, in general, pandemic aside, people are underemployed. Giving the gift of cash or gift cards helps someone buy groceries or pay a cell phone bill. That level of kindness shouldn’t go overlooked this year of all years.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Remember, when grabbing holiday gifts, a little something goes a long way. It truly is the thought that counts. You don’t have to break the bank. And, you don’t have to overextend yourself to bring joy in the lives of your loved one(s). The National Democratic Training Committee wants to wish you and yours a happy holiday this season. We can’t wait to get started next year with preparing Democrats up and down the ballot for their next run for office


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