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Thank you for attending our event! If you’re visiting this page, that means there’s a few things we’d like you to do before you go. Below, please fill out both the trainer evaluation and the end of day survey. Evaluations for each trainer can be found by clicking on the specific event you attended beneath the trainer’s name. End-of-day surveys can be found beneath the blue header. Thanks so much for attending! Your feedback will help us improve our training events going forward. 

IDCCA Blue Bench Training

End of Day Survey for Local Leaders

End of Day Survey for Campaigns

Field Trainer: Zach Koutsky

Fundraising Trainer: Kandice Harris

Communications Trainer: Morgan Harris

Digital Trainer: Anna Machalski


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Amani Zara

Amani joined the NDTC team in June of 2021 as their Associate Director of Marketing. She brings years of marketing, digital and organizing experience from various organizations and agencies. Prior to joining NDTC, Amani worked in marketing strategy roles and managed digital communications at progresssive tech incubator Higher Ground Labs and The University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics. She also worked on Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign where she organized in both Iowa and California. Born - and happily residing - in Chicago, Amani has also spent time in the press office of both the Mayor of Chicago and the Chicago Department of Public Health. She graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Amani spends her free time volunteering with community advocacy groups and joining all the phonebanks she possibly can.