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The beginning of the year means new trainers have joined our incredible trainer pool at the National Democratic Training Committee! 89 trainers will be rejoining us in 2022, along with 13 new hires. These trainers know what it takes to run a successful political campaign. They are some of the most amazing, passionate people in the world of Democratic politics. We are so excited for you to meet them.

Our trainers make NDTC’s many trainings possible. They allowed us to quickly pivot to virtual live trainings (VLTs) due to the pandemic. In fact, we hosted over 450 VLTs in 2021 to boost Democratic performance up and down the ballot. 

Over the last year, we worked to bring new trainers into our community. By the end of January 2022, we had nearly doubled our trainer pool. From 2016, our trainer community has grown by over 350 percent! This was made possible by the meteoric growth NDTC experienced over the past few years. These new team members are ready to train Democratic candidates, staffers, and local leaders in every aspect of campaigning.

About Our Trainers

NDTC’s trainers’ depth of experience make them leaders in Democratic politics. Additionally, they are passionate about building a strong party infrastructure for future election cycles. 

Our trainers come from a wide range of backgrounds. With this in mind, here are some fun quick facts about where they come from:

  • Our 102 trainers have lived or worked in all 50 states, including Washington, DC
  • Over 58% of our trainers identify as female 
  • Over 43% are people of color – with Black and Latinx being the most represented groups
  • Trainers have worked on political campaigns at every level of government including: multiple state Democratic parties, congressional races, and Joe Biden’s presidential campaign
  • Many work at our partner organizations, including Emerge America and Run for Something

NDTC’s trainers are well-versed in all facets of a political campaign. There are experts in each area of campaigning – communications, digital, fundraising, and field. Furthermore, they possess diverse regional expertise and varied career paths. This makes them well-equipped to speak knowledgeably about races and candidates across the country. 

Learn more about our trainers here!.

Making A Difference

NDTC now has 102 expert trainers whose experiences and passion for Democratic politics is limitless. Many have spent the past two years working on key campaigns, and are eager to share their knowledge. 

NDTC trainers work with the passion and creativity needed to drive the party forward. For example, one trainer worked with a candidate to host a mobile concert to bring people together during the pandemic. Another rebuilt their campaign plan many times as a result of Covid-19. These professionals work at the highest levels in their field, and are eager to share their knowledge. 

Hear From Trainees Themselves

In 2021, NDTC was able to reach 31,500 people through virtual live trainings. This was possible because of the incredible work of our trainers.  

But we are not the only ones who appreciate the experience and knowledge these experts  bring to the table. Here is what some of our trainees have said about their experience with NDTC trainers this year:

“It is an experience to attend this trainer’s trainings, whether you are a beginner, moderate, or experienced operative to garner another 2 or 3 tools to put in your arsenal.” 

“The trainer used real life examples for us to work from. I can’t wait for the next one.” 

“As someone who delivers several trainings a day for work and attends a few trainings a month, this trainer has been a fantastic facilitator.”

Don’t just take their word for it, though. Attend a virtual live training yourself! We regularly host VLTs in all areas of campaigning. The schedule is available on our events page

In addition, if you regularly train staff or volunteers for a campaign or local Democratic party, join us on Saturday, March 12, 2022. NDTC is hosting a full-day Train-the-Trainer (T3) SummitLearn the best training techniques for your campaign or organization’s staffers and volunteers. Learn our tips and tricks for effective facilitation. Walk away confident your team is set for success.

Read more about the summit and view the schedule here!

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Allie McRaith

Allie McRaith is NDTC's Associate Director of Live Training. Allie is responsible for managing our Live Training programming and strategy — which includes the 100+ contractual trainers and over 400 annual events. After earning her degree in International Affairs from Lewis & Clark University, she entered the political world to join the fight for universal healthcare. In addition to her work on campaigns, Allie has held a variety of odd jobs including camp counselor, olive picker, ice cream scooper, tour guide, and editor. She enjoys drinking coffee (always iced) and baking, playing and watching tennis, and spending all her time near the beach.