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Do you want to learn how to run for office, or how to run a political campaign? If so, NDTC’s virtual live trainings (VLTs) are the perfect option for you! They provide expertise from our incredible political campaign experts in a supportive training environment. 

But with all the required Zoom meetings these days, we know it can be difficult to remain engaged in a virtual setting. It’s especially hard to maintain presence in trainings designed for in-person presentation. 

With this in mind, here are a few tips to make the most out of a virtual live training session.

Maintain Presence Throughout the Training 

There are many ways to increase your presence in a virtual live training and maximize your learning experience. Before the training starts, make sure your technology works properly and you understand the platforms the trainer will be using. Know what to expect by taking a related course in NDTC’s Online Academy or reading a blog post on the subject. This will help further your knowledge before and after the training. Reviewing different sources will also increase awareness of how NDTC’s materials are interconnected. 

Our VLTs are built to encourage learning in a virtual setting. We often use discussion questions, question breaks, audience polls, as well as breakout rooms to encourage participation. These prompts help you engage with fellow trainees and the trainer, as well as increase interaction in the remote environment. We also suggest candidates join our Facebook Candidate Community to keep the conversation going after a training.

Consider How a Training Will Help Your Political Campaign 

In the event description of our virtual live trainings, we include learning objectives for each session. These are the main points we hope you take away from the training. Trainees will also see these same objectives at the start of the training. 

Use these objectives to assess if the training session will provide the instruction you need. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have questions about the training fitting your needs.

We also have a “recommended (but not required)” section included in every event description. This includes any courses that would be helpful to view before the training. We recommend taking these courses before the session, as they may provide helpful background or context to the material we’ll cover. 

Set Up Technology Prior to the Training 

When attending a Virtual Live Training, please test Zoom prior to the session. Download the application version instead of viewing Zoom directly in your web browser for ease of use. This allows you to fully participate in the breakout room sessions. 

The Zoom link is visible once you register for an event on our website. The link will also be emailed to you as a reminder 30 minutes before the session. 

When you log in to the training, Zoom asks you to verify you’re an authorized user. This is a security measure we’ve added. All you need to do is sign in to a free Zoom account to complete your sign in. You can find more information on creating a Zoom account here. Please allocate time before an event to ensure your Zoom is fully functional.

Use NDTC’s Political Campaign Resources After The Training

At every Virtual Live Training, there will be an NDTC lead staff member who will share helpful resources throughout the training. The trainer will also point you towards those resources. 

Remember, you can save the Zoom chat at the end of the training to find resources afterward. You can also use NDTC’s website “search” feature, or head straight over to the Online Academy if you need to locate resources at another time. 

To learn more about each of NDTC’s resources, consider reading this blog post: How NDTC’s Resources Can Help Your Political Campaign.

Virtual Live Trainings are a core part of NDTC’s offerings. Our main goal is for you to get the most out of each training. We hope you’ll find the information invaluable on your journey in Democratic politics. 

Get started with NDTC’s Virtual Live Trainings today! Register on the events page of our website. Our VLTs cover every aspect of campaigning, so we are confident you will find a training that will help your campaign.

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Collyn Warner

Since 2008, Collyn Warner has spent most of her time working on political and issue-based campaigns, community organizing, and training. She started her work in these areas in red (and primarily rural) areas in the regional South. In addition to these efforts, Collyn previously worked on event coordination, communication efforts, and logistics at the International Monetary Fund, as well as membership development with Business Forward. She has worked in communications and outreach for the Campaign for Southern Equality, Neighbors for Equality (a grassroots LGBTQ rights group), Amnesty International, and higher education institutions.

Collyn completed her M.A. in English (Composition and Rhetoric) at The University of Alabama, where she was awarded funding to research the digital tools of community organizing across LGBTQ advocacy efforts in North Carolina, and she has presented on activist literacy, digital organizing, and grassroots initiatives at national conferences.