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Are you running for office, and have no idea where to start? Have you found work on a political campaign, but are looking for resources to help you out? Are you a local leader searching for ways to build party infrastructure in your community?

Regardless of your role in Democratic politics, we are grateful you chose to be involved. We need passionate, qualified Democrats like you to make a difference. 

Democratic politics is hard work, though. You must determine how to effectively allocate resources, including time, money, and staff, for your political campaign or organization. However, this is unfamiliar territory for many.

NDTC is here to help! Our resources help save time and money, as well as manage a political campaign or organization’s staff and volunteers. Here’s how:


Over the last year, NDTC has offered over 200 virtual live trainings (VLTs) for candidates, campaigns, and Democratic party organizations. These trainings reached 50,000 people in 2020. 

Additionally, our community of 95 trainers includes experts in all facets of campaigning:  communications, fundraising, field, and digital. They provide tools and strategies to raise money, recruit and train volunteers, reach voters, and craft your message. NDTC’s virtual live trainings will give your team the tools you need to win.

Click here in order to access NDTC’s library of recorded trainings. 

In order to request a free virtual live training for your local Democratic party or organization, please email [email protected] for more information.

Online Academy

NDTC’s Online Academy is the tool you need for winning campaigns and growing Democratic infrastructure. With over 50 courses, and dozens of mini-lessons, NDTC teaches the skills that are key to success.

Our on-demand courses teach all aspects of campaigning. They feature in-depth coverage of topics such as data management, organizing, management, and communication. In addition, our mini-lessons provide concrete skills that can be applied immediately to your work.

Our online academy can also train volunteers. We have courses on phone banking, P2P texting, data entry, and so much more. As a result, our trainings will help maximize your volunteer capacity

In order to create a free account and use our online academy, click here! 


In addition to our library of courses, mini-lessons, and virtual trainings, NDTC’s blog provides deeper insights from NDTC’s staff and trainers on all aspects of campaigning. The blog also spotlights candidates, trainers, and campaign staff who do amazing work in Democratic politics.

NDTC’s blog answers many frequently asked questions surrounding political campaigning. It covers subjects such as campaign planning, strategy, training, and finding work in Democratic politics

Check out our blog here!

Staff Academy

Are you interested in becoming a Democratic campaign staffer? Then check out NDTC’s Staff Academy!

Staff Academy is an intensive ten-week training program that provides the tools, knowledge, and connections to jumpstart your career as a Democratic campaign staffer. Participants concentrate on a specific track: digital, fundraising, or communications. But all participants learn the management and leadership skills necessary to work on Democratic campaigns. 

Anyone can apply for this free program! We only require that you are passionate about Democratic politics and commit to finding a paid political campaign job upon completion of the program.

Staff Academy graduates currently work on campaigns across the country. Read about the experiences of alumni here!

NDTC Staff Academy prioritizes the recruitment of trainees who are women, people of color, and trans/transgender and non-binary.

Sign up here to learn more!

Help Us Improve

The National Democratic Training Committee is growing, changing and adapting over time. We want our resources to be as effective as possible.

So, we want to hear from you.  Facing a tough decision on a campaign? Need us to cover a particular topic? Don’t be shy. Email us at [email protected]. Tweet us. Send us a message on Facebook. Just ask and we’ll answer.

NDTC’s resources are intended to save campaigns’ and organizations’ time and money. They are created to broaden the Democratic Party base at all levels, from training volunteers to helping grow party infrastructure. We want to train the Democratic candidates, staff, and local leaders of the future.

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Online Academy

The training and tools you need, when you need them. Courses are available 24/7. Are you a candidate, campaign staffer or volunteer, at the beginning stages of your campaign or in the home stretch? We have the courses to address your specific needs and arm you with the knowledge to win.

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