Resources For Political Campaign Fundraising During GOTV

There’s 28 days until Election Day. And, with big plans to turn out your supporters, your campaign fundraising numbers need to skyrocket in the homestretch.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

NDTC has a catalog of free resources tailored to help you create, hit, and smash your fundraising goals — whether you’re a first-time candidate or a seasoned political pro.

Here’s a quick rundown of our top fundraising resources:

What’s Your Plan?

You need to raise money and you need to raise it….well, yesterday. The quickest ways to turn outreach into cash? Email, phonebanking, and textbanking. And we have the resources you need to jump in right away and maximize all three — including our How To Build Your Email Fundraising List virtual live training and Digital Fundraising online course!

Not Sure Who You Should Ask?

Check out our How to Build Your Own Fundraising List mini lesson and our How To Maximize Your Personal Network To Raise Money virtual live training for a quick rundown on how to leverage your personal networks to fund your campaign. You’ve probably missed some likely donors and these two trainings will help.

“What Do I Say?”

Even this far into your campaign, asking someone for money can seem daunting, but our Making the Ask course and How to Make a Hard Fundraising Ask mini lesson will set you up for success during your next call time session.

“What Do I Do Now?”

Get dialing! Or learn how to host a last minute virtual event from our Keys to Hosting a Digital Fundraising Event mini lesson.

Stuff Happens! 

Could you imagine we’d be where we are today six months ago? Same here. Our How to Adapt Your Political Campaign’s Fundraising Plan mini lesson walks you through how to adapt your fundraising plan to your campaign’s changing needs.

PHEW! — Ok, we know we just threw a lot at you, but don’t worry these resources aren’t going anywhere. 

In fact, there’s even MORE where these came from — check out our Candidate Training page to learn more about our free courses, mini lessons, virtual live trainings, and other resources that can help push your campaign across the finish line.

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