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Virginia Primary Overview

We’re covering results from the 2019 Virginia primary elections today!

Last week, the Commonwealth of Virginia held its primary ahead of November’s general election. The night saw a significant number of contested races on both sides of the aisle.

Pundits across the country are paying close attention to events in Virginia, as this year’s election could hand Democrats control of both houses of the state legislature for the first time since 1993.

In addition, because a Democrat occupies the governor’s office, the party could establish a trifecta of control in the state.

Let’s dive into the results.

How Did NDTC Candidates Fare?

In NDTC-related news, more than 57 of our trainees won their primary elections, with 23 candidates winning contested races! Of these winners, 60 percent are women, while 37 percent are people of color.

We’re thrilled to see such a diverse group of progressive candidates advance to the general election in November.

38 primaries for seats in the Virginia General Assembly (Senate, House of Delegates) were won by NDTC candidates.

NDTC trainees won primaries at nearly every level of government, claiming victory in races for town council, mayor, county supervisor, commonwealth’s attorney, and the state legislature.

Win or lose, we’re proud of any candidate willing to step up and run for office. You didn’t just sit on the sidelines. You took action to fight for what you believe in. And for that, we’re proud of all of you. Thank you for working to make a difference in your community.

We’ll keep you updated as our trainees continue their campaigns throughout the summer and into the fall. We look forward to seeing them continue on their path to elected office.

Next Up on the Campaign Trail

We’ve got a long break from election season coming up. The next statewide primary in 2019 will be on August 6th, when Kansas, the Sunflower State, selects its general election candidates. For our readers in Kansas, register to vote by July 16th!

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on those results come August, but in the meantime, enjoy the reprieve from election news.

That’s all for the 2019 Virginia primary elections! Stay tuned for more on Kansas in the coming months!

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