Managing Your Fundraising Data - National Democratic Training Committee

Managing Your Fundraising Data

By Dallas Thompson
30 min

What You’ll Learn

  • The two main options for organizing your fundraising data
  • How to use a spreadsheet to track pledges and contributions
  • How to use data to advocate for your candidate’s time

Why This is Important

If you learn to use your data well and keep it updated, it can be your best friend. But if you neglect it, you’ll end up spending more time backtracking later. And it won’t be able to work for you when you need more of your candidate’s time to hit your fundraising goals.

Key Resources

  • Ragtag’s Top Security Recommendations for Anyone
  • Tips for Sharing Docs via Google Drive
  • Template Rolodex
  • Campaign Rolodex Reference Guide
  • Pledge & Contribution Tracker
  • Pledge & Contribution Tracker Reference Guide
  • Call Time Tracking Tool

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Dallas Thompson


Dallas Thompson is the Founder and CEO of Bright Compass, a boutique HR firm for political campaigns and progressive workspaces. Bright Compass focuses on anti-harassment training, leadership coaching, and comprehensive HR and Operations support to create inclusive organizations that live up to their values while executing on their mission.

Dallas brings more than a decade of management and fundraising experience from both the political and nonprofit fields, including as Chief of Staff for STG (formerly Smoot Tewes Group) in Washington, D.C. In 2016, she was Hillary Clinton’s Operations Director in North Carolina, where she oversaw operations of a 400-strong team working to elect Democrats up and down the ticket. Dallas has also served as Finance Director for the New Hampshire Democratic Party, National Director of Fundraising Development for the Leadership for Educational Equity, and Development Director for the New Organizing Institute. Dallas is a proud AmeriCorps alumna.