NGP 101

By Rosetta Okohson
40 min

What You’ll Learn

  • How to use NGP 8 to boost your campaign’s fundraising, email, event management, and reporting efforts
  • How to integrate NGP 8 with fundraising, social media, and voter databases

Why This is Important

NGP 8 is the predominant email and contact relationship manager in the Democratic Party. Whether you are sending your first fundraising emails, organizing an event, or sending out thank-you notes, NGP 8 can help you organize, manage, and plan for your campaign initiatives.

Key Resources

  • Sending an Email Series with NGP 8 guide, to set up an automatically sending welcome series for new subscribers

Related Trainings

  • Understanding Email Strategy — Teaches you techniques to send emails to the recipients most receptive to them.
  • Digital Fundraising — The most efficient way to cultivate small-dollar donors is online. In this course, we’ll explore how to write emails that get your supporters to literally invest in your campaign.
  • VoteBuilder 101 — Introduces you to the basic functions of VoteBuilder, the NGPVAN software that Democratic campaigns across the country use to organize their voter contact network.

Rosetta Okohson


Rosetta Okohson is intimately aware of unique struggles and the impact political leadership can have on progress. This keen awareness guides her work. Previously, Rosetta honed her consulting and fundraising skills working for the Missouri Democratic Party and statewide campaigns.

Along with her fundraising acumen—which began with the YMCA of Greater Hartford's annual giving and capital campaigns—Rosetta brings valuable team-and relationship-building skills to the political scene to help her clients connect with voters.

Currently, Rosetta is the Founder & Principal Fundraising, and Political Consultant at MO Political Consulting, an NDTC Trainer, and a board member of the Gateway Regional YMCA.