Texting For Campaigns - National Democratic Training Committee

Texting For Campaigns

By Carla Aronsohn
40 min

What You’ll Learn

  • What your campaign can use texting for
  • How to decide when to use texting to deliver content to your target audiences
  • How to differentiate between different types of texting programs
  • How to set up and run a texting program for your campaign

Why This Is Important

Your campaign can use texting to recruit, persuade, fundraise, and get people out to vote! In this course we will show you the benefits of using texting in your campaign, select the best type of program to use, and teach you how to execute an effective texting strategy to win.

Key Resources

  • Train Your Volunteers Agenda
  • Build Your Text Responses Template
  • Convince Your Campaign to Set Up A Texting Program
  • Build Your First Texts Worksheet
  • Are My Texts Working? Evaluation Guide

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  • Running a Digital Organizing Program — Texting is an important part of a campaign’s digital organizing program. Take this course to learn how to use texting, and many other digital tools, to help supporters organize around your campaign, directly from their devices
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Carla Aronsohn


Carla Aronsohn is a founding member of Cultivate Strategies, a values-driven full-service digital firm. Carla has extensive experience working with progressive organizations, unions and candidates from school board elections to campaigns for president. Their expertise is in digital, mobile, field, creative actions, branding, and strategic communications.

Previously the Senior Vice President of Strategy at Revolution Messaging, Carla has led large teams and hundreds of clients. Carla was the lead mobile strategist for Bernie Sanders for President 2016 which won two Reed awards and a Pollie award for mobile. Carla helped conceptualize and launch Daily Action, which uses mobile and calling practices to make civic engagement easy and effective by having one call action per day. Daily Action has been recognized with two Reed awards, a gold Pollie award, and a Mobile Marketing Association award for social impact. Carla worked with Blackout For Human Rights to use mobile tools to raise $150,000 in 24 hours for communities affected by the Flint, Michigan water crisis.