Every Candidate. Every State. Every Race.

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Today, we announced our intention to fuel a wave of victories in 2018 by training 50,000 Democrats!

As Democrats continue to turn resistance into action, we are committed to providing every Democratic candidate — up and down the ballot, in all 50 states — with the training and tools they need to win through our free online courses and national training program.

Democrats clearly have momentum on their side after our victories in Virginia, New Jersey and other places earlier this month. We can ride this momentum, but we can’t rely on it.

Now we’ve got look ahead and double-down on our efforts to recruit candidates for every race, and just as important stand with and invest in those candidates and their campaigns by empowering them with the tools to run successfully.

I’m excited to say that NDTC is leading this investment and will help fuel Democratic victories at every level of government in 2018 and every election after. Already, more than 10,000 Democrats have enrolled in our training at www.traindemocrats.org! If you’re one of those 10,000 — thank you!

Every candidate. Race. State. 2018

There are more than 518,000 elected officials across the country and the individuals elected to these offices impact policy making at every level of government. With that in mind, our team here at NDTC is taking a leadership role in changing the course for Democrats after more than a decade of losses up and down the ballot.

Additionally, working with local Democrats, state parties, and recruiting organizations, NDTC is planning to host at least one live training in every state in 2018. Check out our calendar to see when we’re coming to a location near you!

Join us and be one of the 50,000 who are going to make 2018 a wave election year for Democrats.

And remember, we’ve got your back!

Kelly Dietrich

  Blue Wave
Kelly is the Founder and CEO of the National Democratic Training Committee. He has worked on dozens of campaigns at every level across the country. Kelly's specialty is in new campaign creation, candidate and staff training, and fundraising. In addition to working for 18+ years in Democratic politics, he teaches a class on political campaigns at DePaul University in Chicago, where he lives with his family and dog, a large hungry blue Weimaraner named Jack Bauer. Kelly started his career in 1998 with Rep. Dennis Moore in KS-03. He's an avid basketball and poker player, though never at the same time. His wife would point out that at no time in this biography was he described as "good" at either hobby. That was a conscious decision.