Fired Up. Ready to Go.

Repealing Obamacare helps no one.

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I’m mad as hell.

We (the NDTC) watched the House of Representatives vote to “repeal” Obamacare with a healthcare plan that clearly does not benefit the country. In fact, it is hard to determine who it does help.

I won’t speak for the whole team here, but I am mad as hell. Frankly, I am fed up. It may only be 104 days since Trump took office, but it feels longer. This is ridiculous.

Real people will be hurt if this bill becomes law and it was all done for political gain. Republicans campaigned on repealing Obamacare. They had to do something.

Clearly, the majority party is more committed to playing partisan games than putting the needs of the country first. That’s dangerous.

Have your say. Make your voice heard.

Have your say. Make your voice heard.

But we have a choice. Sit back and take it or stand up and fight.

I choose to fight. I hope you do too.

After watching yesterday’s vote and then the celebration after, I walked into the office today with a sense of urgency, purpose and determination.

I’m even more committed to giving every Democratic candidate the tools they need to win and I am not the only one. Across the country people not normally too concerned with politics are starting to take note.

We get asked all the time. What can I do?

If you’re fed up, take action. Do something. Make your voice heard — and not just on Facebook.

Run for office. If that’s not an option, encourage someone you think would be good to run. We’re here to help them.

We believe we need to challenge every incumbent Republican everywhere throughout the next four years.

From school board to mayor to Congress, no election should pass without a Democratic challenge — no matter how “red” the district may be. The constant attempts to repeal Obamacare are just the beginning.

This morning my four-year old daughter and I called out “Fired Up — Ready to Go” to each other on our way to her school. She’s ready to go, but it’ll be a few years before she can make a difference. In the meantime, she’s counting on people like you.

What will you do?

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