Weekly and Daily Goals Worksheet - Persuasion & GOTV - National Democratic Training Committee
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Weekly and Daily Goals Worksheet - Persuasion & GOTV


Once you understand the time it’ll take to reach voters through canvassing, phone banking, and texting, you should next identify the volunteer hours required each week to meet the campaign’s voter contact goals. 

For both Persuasion and GOTV, you can use this Weekly and Daily Goals Worksheet Template and Sample to estimate how many hours you and your volunteers need to spend to reach everyone. The formulas built into this sheet account for the fact that you’ll have to knock on a lot of doors, more than once, and call a lot of numbers multiple times. These estimates are conservative, and might be unrealistic at the start of a campaign while you build your volunteer base. But if these numbers are built over time, you’ll be ready when it comes time to turn out voters. You can learn more about tracking volunteer shifts in our courses Field Tactics and Running a Persuasion Field Program.



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