including candidates, Democratic leaders and activists from every corner of the country have registered to use our trainings.
Assemblyman Michael Blake
"When we think about what’s happening in 2018, the story that will be told is that a generation of organizers have been created, supported, and trained. That’s because of the National Democratic Training Committee." - Michael Blake, Vice Chair of the DNC

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Free online campaign training for Democrats running for office.

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Our commitment, if you’re a Democrat and you’re willing to put your name on the ballot to run, we should do everything we can to teach you how to win.

"The NDTC trainings gave me many of the starting skills and information to kickstart my campaign. It helped me to get into the mind frame of running and growing a political campaign." - State Representative Shelly Hutchinson (GA-107)

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Virginia Elections 2019: Primary Recap

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