About Jorian Lewke

Jorian was raised in Crystal Lake, IL, but now calls Chicago her home. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in political science and a minor in education reform and worked on local campaigns in the Bay Area throughout college. She has a background working for nonprofit organizations, and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Public Policy & Public Administration with a concentration in non-profit management from Northwestern University. She currently is on the Communications team at NDTC.

Chris Chyung: Candidate Spotlight

NDTC is excited to spotlight one of our many #NDTCtrained candidates this month. Representative Chris Chyung recently won his election to represent Dyer, Indiana. He won by a mere 82 votes, making him the youngest legislator in Indiana and the state’s first Asian American representative. He was gracious enough to be the keynote speaker at our Indiana training last month.  [...]

March 12th, 2019

Staff Spotlight: Pavitra Abraham

Editor's Note: Pavitra is now the New Hampshire Organizing Director for the Kamala Harris presidential campaign. NDTC is SO lucky to have an amazing staff, and we want to share their amazingness with the world! We’ll be highlighting a different staff member every month so you can get to know all of us a little better. Here’s our conversation with Pavitra. [...]

March 5th, 2019

Types of Campaign Fundraisers

Campaign fundraisers are common occurrences on our favorite political tv shows, but in real life, they’re often much more subdued, drama-free events. They give the candidate a chance to have more one-on-one interactions than a speech or rally and to meet whole networks of potential supporters and donors. If you’re starting your first campaign, it might seem daunting to have [...]

February 26th, 2019

She Lost her Race, but Still Scored a Big Win

Catie Robinson's Race is Why Democrats Need to Run Everywhere

Catie Robinson knew she was entering into a race that would be hard fought. As a Democrat in one of the most conservative congressional districts in the country, she had her work cut out for her. Pre-2016, Catie Robinson was interested in politics and actively engaged in community service. She never thought she would run. While she had a Master’s [...]

January 29th, 2019

Requirements to Run for Public Office as a Democrat

State-by-State Information Guide for Progressive Candidates

There are many hoops to jump through between having the thought “I should run for office” and punching a hole in a ballot with your name on it. First, you have to think about the issues you’re passionate about and figure out which office most directly affects those issues. But even before you go through those steps, many people first [...]

January 25th, 2019

Women Running for Office: The Ripple Effect

Female-identifying candidates inspire each other, research suggests

The current mood of the country and within the Democratic Party is a lot different today than it was a few months ago. The fear, worry, and anger are as palpable as ever, but there is also a determination and vigor, renewed every day when we see the evidence of our government slowly starting to look more like our country. [...]

January 17th, 2019