About Shola Farber

Biography: Shola Farber is an organizer and a technologist who believes in the power of people-centered tech to build a more inclusive democracy. After completing her masters in public policy and international law, Shola served in the Obama Administration, worked on the business side at POLITICO, and was a regional director for HFA. In late 2016, Shola co-founded The Tuesday Company to revolutionize how we activate supporters into trackable manageable digital volunteers. Tuesday’s Team app allows candidates, nonprofits, and unions to build community around take meaningful action that meets people where they are.

7 Tips For Effective Digital Volunteer Management

A crowded 2020 primary and a critical general election make activating strong networks of digital volunteers, and effective volunteer management, a necessity. Digital organizing offers an efficient and scalable way to do that quickly. By organizing online, campaigns can build powerful digital communities and mobilize supporters year-round. These seven tips will help you make the most of your organizing work [...]

April 4th, 2019