Campaign Fundraising Consultant

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Project Description

Campaign Fundraising Consultant to Develop & Support Training for Campaign Staff

NDTC is hiring one consultant who specializes in general Campaign Fundraising and Digital Fundraising for Candidates. This consultant will be supporting NDTC’s Staff Academy, which is a program designed to recruit, train, and connect new staff to paid career opportunities in Democratic politics across the country. When selecting program participants, we prioritize leaders who identify as women, trans and non-binary, and people of color.

Campaign Fundraising Consultant

We are hiring a campaign fundraising consultant to support our second cohort of aspiring campaign fundraising staffers (part of our Staff Academy). The consultant will:

  • Facilitate up to four webinars that provide an opportunity for trainees to practice and further engage with the on-demand online trainings they are taking during the 10-week program (requires some weekday evening availability between January and March)
  • Provide feedback on trainees’ assignments in writing, with occasional video chats to provide one-on-one coaching as needed
  • Coach trainees in weekly office hours held via webinar (day/time TBD based on your schedule)
  • Answer periodic trainee questions via email and Slack
  • Create and review the in-person training curriculum and support the Director of Live Training with creating train-the-trainer materials, including the following:
    • Fundraising campaign plan peer review materials, rubrics for a communications plan pitch, and develop an in-depth live training session to build on Online Training curriculum
    • Campaign Fundraising Event Simulation scenario and activities
    • Train-the-trainer materials including informational guidelines, best practices, anticipated questions and answers, pragmatic examples for trainers to apply to all live training modules, job search suggestions, and end-of-program check-in reflection materials.
    • Assistance reviewing and building campaign scenarios for live training activities
    • Debrief the in-person training curriculum and experience
  • Facilitate sessions at the culminating in-person training in Washington, DC March 26-30, 2019


  • At least 1 cycle of experience as a Fundraising/Finance Director on a candidate campaign and 4+ years of political fundraising experience
  • Experience training others in political fundraising or other education/training experience
  • The ideal person for this role is a full-time consultant who is NOT open to joining a 2020 campaign full-time.
  • You MUST be fully available to be in Chicago for planning meetings on October 1-2, 2019; in Chicago or Washington, DC for an in-person train-the-trainer February 7-9, 2020; and in Washington, DC March 26-30 for the in-person training.

Time Expectations & Compensation: The contract will run September 20, 2019 – April 30, 2020. Any non-local travel expenses (hotel, flights, meals) will be provided by NDTC separate from this approximate compensation plan.

The monthly expectation for this role is outlined below:

  • September 2019: approx. 20 hours (estimated $1,200)
  • October 2019
    • Hourly Consultation: approx. 20 hours (estimated $1,200)
    • 10/1-10/2: In-Person Curriculum Planning Meeting in Chicago IL ($1,400 + all travel and lodging expenses) Note: anticipated travel on 9/30 and 10/2
  • November 2019: approx. 25 hours (estimated $1500)
  • December 2019: approx. 10 hours (estimated $600)
  • January 2020: approx. 55 hours (estimated $3,300)
  • February 2020
    • Hourly Consultation: approx. 55 hours (estimated $3,300)
    • 2/8/20: In-Person Train-the-Trainer Meeting in Washington, D.C. ($700 + all travel and lodging expenses) Note: anticipated travel on 2/7/20 and 2/8/20
  • March 2020
    • Hourly Consultation: approx. 60 hours (estimated $3,600)
      3/26/20-3/30/20: In-Person Prep Day & Training in Washington, D.C. (estimated $3,500)
  • April 2020: approx. 5 hours (estimated $300)

To Apply: Please submit the following items (cover letters are not requested) via email to [email protected] with the subject line “Campaign Fundraising Consultant Application” before 8am CT on September 5, 2019.

  1. Your resume in PDF format
  2. Your feedback on the simulated trainee assignment, using the rubric below. The trainee assignment is to do the donor research for and create two call sheets. The materials you will need are:
    1. Trainee call sheets you’re evaluating
    2. Rubric for evaluation
    3. Template call sheet they were provided, for reference
    4. Sample call sheet they were provided, for reference
  3. A short memo (less than one page) describing one scenario that you would provide as a simulation in a live training setting to help trainees understand an essential skill for Fundraising Directors
  4. Two references (preferably current or former consulting clients)