Be Bold: A Message to Democrats

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I just got back from our training in Miami. It was a hot, beautiful day outside. A perfect Saturday for relaxing at the beach.

Yet, even with that temptation, there were hundreds of Democrats gathered inside, working together and learning how to win.

It’s something we see every weekend all across the country. I always come away impressed, inspired and even more committed to doing all I can to help the Blue Wave become a reality.

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But there always seems to be something missing. Something that we ought to be saying or doing that we just… aren’t.

It’s a conversation that I have with dozens of Democrats in every state that I visit.  

It is what we, as a party, need to do to be successful this year. 

Unfortunately, it’s something that Republicans do really well.

So my advice to every Democrat this July 4th is this. It doesn’t matter if you’re a candidate or a volunteer. A staffer or a voter. It’s advice for old Democrats and for new.

It’s simple.

Be Bold

Don’t be afraid to be who you are. Don’t be afraid to do what you need to do to win. And don’t apologize for what you believe.

Democrats need to do things a lot differently this election. If we repeat the same playbook from the past, we’re going to get the same results.

No more excuses. No more backing down.

Be Bold.

Winning this November means you are going to have to do some things that make you uncomfortable. You will have to knock doors. You will have to talk to strangers.

You’re going to have to ask for money. Quit apologizing. Quit making excuses.

Be Bold.

This is the price we have to pay for making change. Hell, for saving our country. We don’t want another November 2016. Your community, your family, my family, everyone is counting on you.

Be Bold.

You are going to get challenged by people who don’t agree with you. So what?

Don’t back down. Don’t make excuses. We need leaders who are willing to listen, but aren’t afraid to stand their ground. Who aren’t afraid to lead.  

Be Bold.

Do you strongly believe in a women’s right to choose, but live in a pro-life district? Don’t compromise on your core values. Run. We need more people like you.

Be Bold.

Are you uncomfortable asking someone for money for your campaign? Get over it.

You aren’t your donor. Quit thinking about why they won’t write a check and focus on why they need to write one.

Be Bold.

Do you believe that children shouldn’t be separated from their families and forced into detention camps with murals of the person that put them there up on the walls?

Did you see the hundreds of thousands of people who marched? They are counting on you. The kids in cages are counting on you.

And you won’t ask someone to support you with a check because asking for money is uncomfortable?!

Be Bold.

People want a leader. They want someone to stand up and lead the way. Be that person the best you can.

Be Bold.

Know that the work you are doing, the money that you’re asking for from your donors, the time you’re asking from your volunteers, isn’t just for you. You aren’t asking because you’re greedy or power-hungry. It’s because you want to improve the community around you.

Be Bold.

Speak up. Stand your ground. Fight for your causes.

If you believe that fundamental human rights are under attack, then say it. Your campaign is in need of resources? Then ask for them. If you’re uncomfortable with answering questions on certain issues, be prepared to be challenged.

Above all else, BE BOLD.

Happy Fourth of July from NDTC

As we celebrate this holiday, everyone here at NDTC wants to say thank you to Democrats across the country. Thank you for the work that you do to help our nation.

Thank you for standing up and fighting for the causes that we all believe in. Our nation needs you, now more than ever.

Thank you for being BOLD.

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Kelly is the Founder and CEO of the National Democratic Training Committee. He has worked on dozens of campaigns at every level across the country. Kelly's specialty is in new campaign creation, candidate and staff training, and fundraising. In addition to working for 18+ years in Democratic politics, he teaches a class on political campaigns at DePaul University in Chicago, where he lives with his family and dog, a large hungry blue Weimaraner named Jack Bauer. Kelly started his career in 1998 with Rep. Dennis Moore in KS-03. He's an avid basketball and poker player, though never at the same time. His wife would point out that at no time in this biography was he described as "good" at either hobby. That was a conscious decision.