Build a Career in Politics

You are a passionate leader who wants to launch or grow a career in politics. Our programs provide the tools and training you need to succeed in the areas a campaign depends on: fundraising, digital strategy, field, communications, and campaign management.

There is a learning program for everyone who wants to build a career in politics: online courses (available 24/7), in-person training, and the intensive cohort-based Staff Academy program.

What Our Campaign Staffers Have to Say

Our leaders are the future of Democratic politics. Together we will change our communities and our country for the better.

Thank you so much for the amazing online resources. I'm a first-time campaign manager, and this is a lifeline!
Leslie Grayson Campaign Manager for school board race in Illinois
NDTC recently put on a series of trainings at our annual convention. The trainings were professionally done and filled with practical advice for activists, volunteers, and candidates alike. Plus, NDTC seamlessly integrated their programming into the rest of our agenda.
Ethan Corson Former Kansas Democratic Party Executive Director
Without NDTC, getting the position that I did would have been really difficult. NDTC prepared me to not only take on the position, but prove to the campaign that I’ve got what it takes.
Orpa Ali 2019 Staff Academy Graduate