November 12, 2018

By Jacob Vurpillat

So you think you want to run for office?

But you’re petrified.

Sure, making the first step to run for office is scary enough, but then you realize you need to figure out HOW to run for office.

That’s where we step in.

How to Run for Office: Start HERE

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to running for office. This may seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.

Think about some of the most difficult courses you took in high school or in college. You covered some pretty tough subjects. But, taking in all of this information was just a little bit easier due to how certain courses were structured. You learned the basics of what you needed to know early on, and you slowly built on this.

Learning how to run for office is just like learning algebra, chemistry, or a foreign language. If you start with the most difficult part of astrophysics on your first day, you’ll wind up confused. But, if you start with the basics and go step by step, you’ll learn what you need to learn and tackle these seemingly difficult concepts.

Run for Office with NDTC’s Campaign Timeline

Our campaign timeline will walk you through what you need to learn and when you need to learn it. We’ll be here to teach you everything along the way.

Download Your Campaign Timeline

Instead of diving right in and taking on the most difficult subjects, we’ll take you step by step.

Let’s use fundraising as an example. You won’t be forced to make a fundraising ask right away. We’ll start with how to figure out how much money you’ll need to run for office, then we’ll teach you how to craft your message and learn how to really sell your story. Once we have the basics covered, you’ll learn how to raise money and how to spend it effectively.

With our campaign timeline, we’ve already made the tough strategic decisions when it comes to learning how to run for office. Our campaign timeline will give you the most effective path for learning what you need to know for these key areas of how to run for office:

  • Field
  • Fundraising
  • Message
  • Management

To get started on your path, download NDTC’s Campaign Timeline now!

Download Your Campaign Timeline

Jacob is the Manager of Political Communications for NDTC. Jacob was initially an intern for NDTC in 2016 before moving on to work for both a Chicago Alderman and an Illinois State Representative. After working in Parliament in the Republic of Ireland, Jacob joined NDTC in April of 2018. Jacob is a graduate of DePaul University with a degree in Political Science. Outside of politics, Jacob tries to forget the Chicago Cub's century of losing while enjoying their recent success.