Imagine a world where you decided to run for office and at the very mention of your intent, your campaign was fully funded, your field plan perfectly laid out, and you were given an extra few hours in the day to get everything done. (Running for office would be so much easier with 32-hour days, right?).

Until that fantasy becomes a reality, we are here for you with the candidate training you need to run your best campaign. Whether you’re in the home stretch of a primary election or looking down the line at November, we have your back.. We’ve launched four new candidate training courses to help you reach the finish line: Raising Money, Field Tactics, Strategic Scheduling, and Making the Ask.

Raising Money

Got a pile of gold sitting in your basement? Recently find several rare gems underneath your sofa cushions? If not and you don’t have the means to self-fund your campaign, our “Raising Money” course needs to be part of your candidate training line-up.

NDTC Founder Kelly Dietrich offers lessons on how to:

  • Run an effective call time operation
  • Raise money through email
  • Use social media to solicit donations
  • Secure the support of Political Action Committees (PACs)

If you previously started the “Grassroots Fundraising” course, you may notice it’s no longer available. We’d recommend taking “Raising Money” for updated advice on those topics, plus new lessons on the keys to success when calling prospective donors and a few other revenue options.

Start raising money NOW

Field Tactics

What aspect of your campaign are you looking forward to the most? If you’re like most candidates, it’s probably having conversations with your neighbors about the issues affecting your community.

In “Field Tactics”, Pavitra Abraham, NDTC’s Director of Live Trainings, shows you how to:

  • Have persuasive conversations with voters
  • Run an effective door-to-door operation
  • Run an effective phone-bank

She also helps you consider when canvassing (knocking on doors) is the best tool to use, and what phone banking might be better suited for.

If you previously started the “Contacting & Tracking Voters” course, we’d recommend taking the new “Field Tactics” course for deeper insight into how to train your volunteers to be top-notch canvassers and phone bankers. Unfortunately, “Contacting & Tracking Voters” is no longer available.
Get ready to knock on doors today.

Strategic Scheduling

As a candidate, your time is your campaign’s most precious resource – and the most difficult to manage.

This brand new course on “Strategic Scheduling” coaches you on the art of making a schedule and spending your time in ways that will help you reach your campaign’s goals.

NDTC Founder Kelly Dietrich guides you to make a plan that organizes your campaign life and sets priorities from the beginning. This course will help you schedule your campaign events, family time, and ensure you don’t forget about travel time.

You don’t have the time to NOT include this course in your candidate training.

Start making the most of every minute NOW

Making the Ask

Our revamped “Making the Ask” course will help you change your attitude about fundraising so you don’t dread call time. You’ll learn how to ask folks for money–and to volunteer–so your calls are more effective (and raise more money)!

Asking prospective supporters to believe in your campaign and give their vote, time and money may seem intimidating, but it is what you need to do to win. Our suggestions will make it second nature to you in no time at all.

We’ve given this course a facelift! If you’ve already taken it, you may notice your progress has diminished a bit since we’ve added some new practice opportunities and resources, but the heart of the course hasn’t changed.

Learn to make your very best ask today!

Candidate Training: Run Your Most Successful Campaign

What are you waiting for? Candidate training will make the difference in the success of your campaign.

As Robert Van Kirk, candidate for the 77th State House District in Michigan said in his recent trainee spotlight:

“I think what’s most telling of the success of the NDTC’s training is that I have fundraised more money, knocked on more doors, held more campaign events, and engaged more voters than any Democratic candidate in the recent history of my district going back at least a decade.”

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