Maximizing Your Volunteer Capacity - National Democratic Training Committee

Maximizing Your Volunteer Capacity

By Johnaé Strong
45 min
Management & Leadership

What You’ll Learn

  • The purpose of each of the three different types of 1:1 conversations 
  • How to identify when a volunteer is ready to do more and expand their responsibilities
  • How to apply the Ladder of Engagement model to your volunteer development strategy

Why This is Important

On every campaign, there is more work to be done than paid staff to do it. Building strong and purpose-driven relationships with your volunteers will help you identify who to delegate which tasks to and who is ready for more responsibility. These types of relationships require intention and trust to create. In this course you will learn how to use 1:1 conversations to assess the capacity of your volunteers and delegate work to support the team.

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Johnaé Strong


An educator and organizer with over 10 years of experience, Johnaé joined the NDTC team in 2019 to further her goal of securing a true democracy for folks on the margins. A former candidate herself, Johnaé brings a lens for authenticity and equity to her work to support nontraditional candidates in breaking up the “old boys’ club”. Johnaé holds a BA and MAT from the University of Chicago in International Studies and Urban Education. Strong is a founding member and leader of BYP100, a political organization for Black people 18 to 35 working for liberation for all Black people.

In 2020, Strong received a Voqal Fellowship for her project Razing to Restore, an online organizing training platform connecting emerging social actors to political education, organizing, and restorative practices, through on-demand learning modules developed by national organizers and healers.

When she isn’t building tools for democracy, Johnaé can be found making music, losing dance battles to her two children, Akeim and Jari, or in her hometown of Cleveland.