How to Build Your Campaign Communications Strategy on Different Media Platforms - National Democratic Training Committee

How to Build Your Campaign Communications Strategy on Different Media Platforms

By Richard Fowler
90 min
Messaging & Communications

What You’ll Learn

  • How to segment and target your campaign’s voter universe
  • How to create effective organic digital media
  • How to assess paid media opportunities
  • Best practices for your campaign communications strategy

Why This is Important

To build your campaign’s communications strategy, you need to know which tools you have at your disposal. Perhaps even more significantly, you want to know what those tools are for and when they are most appropriately applied. Thinking critically about how your campaign spends its money and time to connect with voters is a must for any successful communications professional.

Key Resources

  • Assessing Paid Media Worksheet
  • Direct Mail and Ad Strategy Template

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Richard Fowler


Richard is a Fox News contributor and host of radio’s Fowler Show. On Fox News, Fowler brings a progressive voice to conservative broadcast on America’s most watched cable television network. He frequently co-anchors The Five and appears on The Story with Martha MacCallum, America’s Newsroom, MediaBuzz, and prime-times Kennedy and Mornings with Maria on Fox Business Channel. In 2018, Fowler was named co-host of the All-American New Year’s Eve Show Live from Times Square. As a first-generation American from Jamaican parents, Richard began his political career in his home state of Florida, volunteering in numerous local and statewide races. Since then, Fowler has been an advocate for youth, social equity, and the African American LGBTQIA+ community. Most recently, Richard was named a Senior Media Fellow for the New Leader’s Council, where he trains, equips, and empowers the next generation of millennial leaders to use their voice to advocate for change.