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Managing Your Time, Deadlines, & Priorities

By Johnaé Strong
45 min
Management & Leadership

What You’ll Learn

  • How to set ambitious, well-defined goals and measure your progress against them
  • How to create agreements and set clear expectations at the beginning of a project
  • How to prepare for an effective meeting

Why This is Important

A campaign is a fast-paced environment, and this course will give you the tools you need to stay organized and bring out the rockstar self-manager you are! Have you ever struggled with prioritizing tasks and end up getting a lot of small things done while leaving the big things to the last minute? Have you ever wondered why your staff meeting was two hours when it could have been half an hour, leaving you less time to do all your work? In this course, you will learn concrete strategies for goal-setting, time management, and action planning.

Key Resources

  • SMART Goals Worksheet for creating effective plans and organizing your work on the campaign!
  • MOCHA for Managers: Assigning Roles When Projects Involve Multiple People resource from The Management Center
  • “Should I Hold a Meeting” flowchart from Harvard Business Review

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Johnaé Strong


An educator and organizer with over 10 years of experience, Johnaé joined the NDTC team in 2019 to further her goal of securing a true democracy for folks on the margins. A former candidate herself, Johnaé brings a lens for authenticity and equity to her work to support nontraditional candidates in breaking up the “old boys’ club”. Johnaé holds a BA and MAT from the University of Chicago in International Studies and Urban Education. Strong is a founding member and leader of BYP100, a political organization for Black people 18 to 35 working for liberation for all Black people.

In 2020, Strong received a Voqal Fellowship for her project Razing to Restore, an online organizing training platform connecting emerging social actors to political education, organizing, and restorative practices, through on-demand learning modules developed by national organizers and healers.

When she isn’t building tools for democracy, Johnaé can be found making music, losing dance battles to her two children, Akeim and Jari, or in her hometown of Cleveland.