Story of Self

Story of Self

Time estimate

75 Minutes


3 Videos
1 Activity

What you need

Webcam capability

What You’ll Learn

  • Understand the value of telling stories and when it can be a useful tool
  • Identify the four elements of telling a “story of self”
  • Develop and practice telling your story of self and adapting it for an audience or an “ask”

Why This is Important

You will learn how to see the value in your personal experience and feel confident in using it to connect with others and move them to advance objectives on a campaign. This is an important life skill.

Key resources

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Course Instructor

Johnaé Strong Johnaé Strong Instructor

An educator and organizer with over ten years of experience, Johnaé joined NDTC to further her goal of securing a true democracy for folks on the margins. A former candidate herself, Johnaé brings a lens for authenticity and equity to her work to support nontraditional candidates and staff members in breaking up the old boys’ club. Johnaé holds a BA and MAT from the University of Chicago in International Studies and Urban Education. When she isn’t building tools for democracy, Johnaé can be found making music, losing dance battles to her two children, Akeim and Jari, or in her hometown of Cleveland.