Great Democratic Debrief: Staff Academy Field Campaign Staff 11/17/2020 - National Democratic Training Committee

Great Democratic Debrief: Staff Academy Field Campaign Staff

November 17, 2020

About the event

Are you ready to learn from your 2020 campaign so you can be even more efficient next cycle?

Do you want to help guide Democratic training strategy and best practices for the next two years?

Join us to share your lessons learned and best practices discovered from the 2020 cycle, while also building community and sharing tactics with campaigns. We will have debrief events for candidates and campaign staff, as well as Democratic county chairs and precinct leaders.

The NDTC will provide candidates, staff, trainers, and local leaders training on how to run your own effective debriefs. And we will gather and synthesize our learnings from 2020 in a series of virtual events. Together campaign teams from around the nation will be able to problem solve, strategize, and prioritize training and resources for future election cycles.

This training is specifically tailored to the NDTC’s Staff Academy cohort graduates.

Please sign up for one of the sections. We’ll be using pre-arranged breakout groups in Zoom, so you will want to sign into Zoom with the same authenticated Zoom account email that you register for the event.

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Event Details
virtual live training
Nov 17, 2020
1:00pm - 2:40pm (ET)
What to Expect

We will be using Zoom for this webinar, and please test out using Zoom prior to this meeting. We encourage downloading the app version (instead of viewing directly in your web browser) so that you can fully participate in any breakout groups.