How to Support Your Campaigns During GOTV 08/10/2020 - National Democratic Training Committee

How to Support Your Campaigns During GOTV

August 10, 2020

About the event

Join the National Democratic Training Committee on Monday, August 10th from 8-9pm ET for a free virtual live training on “How to Support Your Campaigns During GOTV.” Whether you’re running for office, working on a campaign, or building your local party’s or organization’s infrastructure, you need to get out the vote (GOTV)! You’ve worked hard to gather supporters to reach your vote goal, and you need to ensure they go vote. We’re here to help! Our GOTV virtual live trainings are a brand new set of trainings to provide you with new tools and resources to help you win.

What you will be learning during the training:

  • Identify how to best support campaigns as local party
  • Establish best practices with organizing precincts and recruiting precinct leaders
  • Prepare to turnout base voters during GOTV

What May Help You Before this Training:
A recommended (but not required) course for this training is “GOTV.”

An email with directions and login information will be sent out prior to the virtual live training.


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Event Details
virtual live training
Aug 10, 2020
8:00pm - 9:00pm (ET)
What to Expect

We will be using Zoom for this webinar, and please test out using Zoom prior to this meeting. We encourage downloading the app version (instead of viewing directly in your web browser) so that you can fully participate in any breakout groups.