Local Leaders: How to Communicate with Your Community Through COVID-19 5/13/20 - National Democratic Training Committee

Local Leaders: How to Communicate with Your Community Through COVID-19

May 13, 2020

About the event

Join the National Democratic Training Committee on May 13th for a free virtual live training on “How to Communicate with Your Community Through COVID-19” with our expert trainer. Our environment is currently going through a really big change with the COVID-19 pandemic. Your work as local leaders does not stop, but simply requires some changes with communications tactics. In this VLT, you will be learning how to communicate with your organizational members during such a time of panic and confusion while also continuing to do the amazing work you do. 

During this training, you will learn about the importance of emotional intelligence when communicating with your team to meet your goals while also learning how to maintain organizational member relationships while working remotely. 

This training is part of a series to help local leaders learn different skills and navigate challenges your organization may face during COVID-19 and beyond

A recommended (but not required) course for this training is “Creating a Positive Team Culture.”

Here is the Zoom link. 


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Event Details
virtual live training
May 13, 2020
8:00pm - 9:00pm (ET)
What to Expect

We will be using Zoom for this webinar, and please test out using Zoom prior to this meeting. We encourage downloading the app version (instead of viewing directly in your web browser) so that you can fully participate in any breakout groups.