Train-the-Trainer Full Day Summit 3/13/21 - National Democratic Training Committee

Train-the-Trainer Full Day Summit

March 13, 2021

About the event

Are you regularly training staff or volunteers on your campaign or with your local Democratic Party?

Perhaps you are thinking more about the art of facilitation in meetings, trainings, and events.You may want to hear from experts about user experience, live trainings and preparing trainers, or how on-demand trainings and instruction design works.

Whether you’re wanting to increase your training or facilitation skills for your campaign as you or local Democratic Party, we have a full-day Train-the-Trainer Summit to help you out. The more effective your training and facilitation, the more your trainees will retain. Please check out all events for the day, and we would love for you to attend all (though attendance at an earlier event is not required for a later event if you cannot attend the full day).

Full Day Agenda 

12:00-12:45pm ET: Why the Art of Facilitation Matters

Join us for a panel discussion to hear expert NDTC trainers discuss their thought process preparing for a training, executing a training, and synthesizing trainee feedback to improve their facilitation skills.

12:45-2:00pm ET: Successful Training in a Virtual World

Have you been wanting to level up and increase your skillset as a virtual trainer? The more confident and comfortable a trainer is, the more your trainees will gain from a training experience.

You will learn the following in this session:

  • Dissect effective practices for virtual facilitation
  • Understand effective community-based learning strategies
  • Evaluate how to maintain energy and presence during virtual live trainings

2:00-2:15pm ET: Screen Break 

2:15-3:00pm ET: How Strong Event Planning Leads to A Successful Virtual Event

You will learn the following in this training:

  • Evaluate your goals or outcomes for the virtual event with how they relate to event production operations
  • Dissect how to run a strong virtual event through creating a strong Lead Staff program at your organization or campaign
  • Discuss how to avoid drop-off and increase retention through participant engagement

3:00-4:00pm ET: Managing Effective Breakout Groups in a Training

You will learn the following in this training:

  • Understand virtual facilitation best practices
  • Recognize how and when to make breakout groups impactful additions to the training
  • Understand how to facilitate an engaging breakout group

4:00-4:15pm ET: Screen Break

4:15-5:00pm ET: How to Create Effective Trainings

Join us for a panel discussion with members of NDTC’s Curriculum Team, UX Team, and Live Training to learn about how teams work together to create a variety of training products for different audiences considering the overall user experience. During this session, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from experts and ask questions!

5:00-5:30pm ET: Closing Q&A with NDTC’s Training Experts

After our full day of a NDTC Train-the-Trainer Summit, do you have questions, or are you curious about how the NDTC teams create so many training products? Are you curious about how to best manage chats during a live training or ensure that a live training stays on topic? We’ll get those questions answered during our live Q&A to close out this day!

What May Help You Before this Train-the-Trainer Summit: 

A recommended (but not required) resource is this blog on Effective Practices on Virtual Training.

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Event Details
virtual live training
Mar 13, 2021
12:00pm - 5:30pm (ET)
What to Expect

We will be using Zoom for this webinar, and please test out using Zoom prior to this meeting. We encourage downloading the app version (instead of viewing directly in your web browser) so that you can fully participate in any breakout groups.

Your Zoom link is visible once registered for this event on our website, and the Zoom link will be emailed as a reminder to you 30 minutes prior to the start of the training.  Zoom will ask you to verify that you’re an authorized user. This is a security measure we’ve added – all you need to do is sign in to a free Zoom account (this is different from your account). For more information on how to set up your Zoom account, please click here