170 Trainings to Date

NDTC Blue Bench Training

NDTC’s Blue Bench Training Program is a day-long, hands-on, intensive learning experience. Trainees practice hard and essential skills; learn from political professionals across digital strategy, field, and fundraising; and build community with local leaders and fellow passionate Democrats during the training day.

Blue Bench Trainings are built for three main audiences: Candidates and Potential Candidates; Campaign Staff (including Volunteer Staff); and Local Leaders. Trainees are split into these groups at the beginning of the day, and our action-oriented training material is tailored to each audience. Each group follows their own training path so they receive the information and practice most relevant to their needs.

What Our Trainees Have to Say

This weekend, for me has been exactly what we needed. It’s providing us with additional tools to take back into our communities and providing us with the keys for successful outreach. We are exchanging tips and learning from one another, we are connecting with old friends and new faces across the state.

-Nikita Richards, McLean County, Illinois