Staff Academy Fundraising Content Reviewer | National Democratic Training Committee

NDTC is hiring one consultant who specializes in fundraising tactics for candidate campaigns. This consultant will be supporting NDTC’s Staff Academy, which is a program designed to recruit, train, and connect new staff to paid career opportunities in Democratic politics across the country. When selecting program participants, we prioritize leaders who are women, trans and non-binary, Indigenous, and people of color.

In this program, cohort members submit assignments for review and feedback in order to practice the skills needed to operate on fundraising teams on Democratic campaigns. We are hiring a consultant to work with our program team to review submitted assignments in a timely manner and provide effective feedback that helps our cohort members grow and succeed.

Campaign Fundraising Content Reviewer

We are hiring a campaign Fundraising Content Reviewer to support our third cohort of aspiring campaign fundraising staffers (part of our Staff Academy). The Reviewer will specifically:

  • Provide feedback on trainees’ assignments in writing
  • Attend meetings with a NDTC Instructional Designer, Staff Academy Program Associate, and others as needed in order to prepare for grading and to review completed feedback
  • Attend regular meetings with Fundraising Live Training and Professional Development Coach to discuss grading as needed (typically weekly)


  • At least 1 cycle of experience as a Fundraising/Finance Director on a candidate campaign OR comparable Fundraising Leadership role and 4+ years of political fundraising experience
  • The ability to assess the execution of the following skills using the NDTC grading rubric:
    • developing a fundraising/finance plan
    • formatting and preparing call sheets
    • NGP and/or spreadsheet Pledge tracking process 
    • Understanding campaign finance laws 

Time Expectations & Compensation:

The contract will run January 4, 2021 to April 30, 2021.  The rate for this role is $60/hour.

There will be 3 assessments in the duration of this contract and additional time requested for feedback on the cohort members’ Campaign Fundraising Plans throughout the program. On average, we expect each assessment to take 20-30 hours to complete grading. There will be team meetings in preparation for grading each assessment. Additional hours may be requested to review grading and align on feedback with the Fundraising Live Training and Professional Development Coach.

The monthly assessment expectation for this role is outlined below. 

  • January 2021: Prep work for assessments
  • February 2021: Assessment 1 + 2
  • March 2021: Assessment 3
  • April 2021: No assessments — Time may be requested for a 1 hour debrief

Application Process:

Please submit the following items (cover letters are not requested) via email to Danny Perez at [email protected] with the subject line “Campaign Fundraising Content Reviewer Application”. Applications received by November 13, 2020 will be given priority consideration. No calls, please. 

  1. Your resume in PDF format
  2. Two references (preferably current or former consulting clients)
  3. Two to three examples of fundraising content you created with a 1-paragraph explanation of the key metrics used to evaluate the success of the content
  4. Review and provide your feedback on the simulated trainee assignment, using the rubric below. The simulated assignment was to do donor research and create two call sheets. The materials you will need are:
    1. Trainee call sheets you’re evaluating
    2. Rubric for evaluation
    3. Template call sheet cohort members were provided, for reference
    4. Sample call sheet cohort members were provided, for reference