NDTC is extremely proud of our Online Academy and all of the information it provides our trainees on campaign fundamentals like Digital Communications, Fundraising, Communications, and Management and Leadership. But we understand that the demands of a campaign don’t always allow time for you to take a full 45-minute course to find the information you need. Sometimes you need a specific piece of information, and you needed it…well, five minutes ago. Enter, the Mini Lesson!

What are NDTC Mini Lessons?

NDTC Mini Lessons are 5-10 minute lessons taken from our existing content to help you get the information you need while also providing additional learning opportunities for when you have time to learn more.

We’ve also created Mini Lessons with new content to help you keep up with the changing environment that the remainder of 2020 (and beyond) promises to be.

Each Mini Lesson provides learners with best practices, quick videos, and pointed tutorials to help your campaign find quick answers to important questions like:

Stay Tuned

We’ll add two new lessons each week to help address specific issues on your campaign so you can easily find the information you’re looking for to run the most efficient campaign possible.

Looking for something specific that you don’t see in our current mini lesson catalogue? Let us know! We’re here to provide you with the information your campaign needs, and we stand by our promise to keep our training accessible, free, and flexible for every Democrat who steps up to help their community.

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