Online Political Fundraising Webinar with NDTC and ActBlue

June 6th at 7PM and 8:30PM EDT

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Running for office? Concerned about raising money? Curious how Barack Obama raised all those dollars by just asking people for $3 at a time?

Grassroots fundraising is essential for any campaign.

How essential?

Grassroots donors have already raised more this election cycle than they did in the entire 2016 cycle. In all of 2015 & 2016 small-dollar donors gave $781M. But, since Jan 2017, ActBlue,a nonprofit organization that provides fundraising technology for Democratic candidates, has help thousands of different groups and candidates raise over $783M — with six months still to go until Election Day!

Fifty-seven percent of the 3.3 million donors who have given on ActBlue so far in this election cycle are first-time donors.

That’s incredible — over half of all donors since January 2017 are newly engaged. In other words, many donors have just discovered the ease of online donations.

All of this and more is why we are so excited to partner with ActBlue to host a webinar focused specifically on how to effectively fundraise online!

We’ve talked extensively throughout our blog about why fundraising matters and how to be the best fundraiser you can be, and through this webinar we are going to get into the specifics of how to use small dollar donations to your benefit.

When: June 6th at both 7pm EST and 8:30pm EST

Where: The comfort of your home or office

How to Sign-up: Click Here!

What You’ll Learn

The webinar will cover the following:

  • Hot Topics
    • How can I become an effective fundraiser?
    • Why fundraising matters?
    • Grassroots online political campaign fundraising. What is it? How can it be effective?
  • FAQs
    • Should candidates invest in their campaigns to get started? How much?
    • What’s the biggest challenge for local candidates when it comes to online political campaign fundraising?
    • Approaching people and asking for money is so difficult! Any tips?
    • How can candidates find people who are willing and able to donate to their campaign?
    • Grassroots donations are SO important. But how do candidates find big donors to help fund their campaign?

Both ActBlue and NDTC experts will answer your questions at the end!

Why ActBlue Are the Experts in Online Political Fundraising

ActBlue is a nonprofit organization that provides fundraising technology for the left. Their goal is to help small-dollar donors make their voices heard in a real way.

By using ActBlue’s technology, Democrats have been able to raise over $2.2 billion. Not only do they work with local campaigns and candidates, ActBlue also works with many national organizations to reach small-dollar donors and help the voices of all Americans be heard.

Want to learn more about ActBlue? Check out their blog for additional facts and figures about getting started.

More Fundraising Goodies

Have you seen what we’ve already written on fundraising? You should check out our blog for more information! We cover almost any topic that you need to help you learn how to be an effective fundraiser.

We’ve also provided a hit list of all the courses we have to up your fundraising game.

Missing This Webinar Could Cost You Contributions

At the NDTC, we always say “we’ve got your back!” On June 6th we’re thrilled to bring our learners this webinar and ensure everyone has access to leading tools and tactics.

To join us, click here to register!

Can’t wait to see you all then!

A proud Michigan native, Pavitra Abraham is the Director of Live Training and Political Partnerships at the National Democratic Training Committee. She got her start as a field organizer on Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in Michigan, where she first fell in love with organizing. Since then, she has spent time with the National Organization for Women and People for the American Way working to reach women of color across the country through grassroots organizing. Before coming to NDTC, she was the Training Director for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign in Iowa. Pavitra is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a degree in political science, focusing on American politics and gender studies. In her spare time, she enjoys all reality television, attending the Chicago Symphony, and cheering on Michigan sports. Go Blue!