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NDTC is how Democrats win elections and build long term power in every community.

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The stakes have never been higher, but thanks to partners like the National Democratic Training Committee, I know we can emerge victorious in November.

Joe Biden

President of the United States


Democrats at every level can benefit from NDTC’s free training and resources. Their commitment to help Democrats across the country is what our party needs to be successful this cycle and for years to come.

Kamala Harris

Vice President of the United States


Drives Change

Free, in-depth training for Democrats who want to run, work, or volunteer on campaigns.

Political change is a movement, not a moment. By investing everywhere, every day, we build the Democratic infrastructure and long-term power required to not just win elections today but for decades to come.

It’s time to Build, Grow, and Win

Expand the map:
We operate in all 50 states with a comprehensive, scalable, and free training solution for Democrats.
Build Long-Term Power:
We invest in training and support to strengthen Democratic leadership at every level—local, state, and federal.
Drive the Blue Wave:
By providing every Democrat equal access to the tools they need to win, we unlock progress up and down the ballot.
Diversify Leadership:
NDTC builds and deepens the Democratic pipeline by eliminating the barrier to entry and empowering emerging Democratic leaders.

The NDTC Approach

Barrier free. Long term. Scaleable.

Trainings through our Online Academy and Virtual Live Training programs reach every Democrat, in every zip code across the country.
Our programs, trainings, and ever-evolving resources provide Democrats with the tools they need to win in 2024, 2026, and beyond.
We know what Democrats need to win. Our programs empower Democrats with the fundamental tools and skills they need win races.

The NDTC has built an entire network of tough, dedicated candidates and staffers who are ready to make real change in this country. There’s a lot of work to do to elect Democrats up and down the ballot this November, and the hardworking team at the NDTC is getting it done. They make us stronger, smarter leaders and help us build paths to victory in states like Michigan.

Gretchen Whitmer

Governor of Michigan


Running for office isn’t easy, especially when you’ve never done it before. That’s why organizations like the National Democratic Training Committee play a crucial role in supporting and training our future leaders so they can be successful in making an impact in their communities. Democracy is a team sport, and I’m proud to support the NDTC and all their work to give leaders and activists across the country tools they need to be successful.

Cory Booker

United States Senator, New Jersey


Diversifies Leadership


Candidates who run in red districts
Female & non-binary learners
Female general election winners
POC learners
POC general election winners

Success to Date

5,560+ Winners
Unique learners
Total trainings taken
Virtual live trainings
In-person live training learners
Staff academy graduates
Virtual live training learners
Lessons completed
Trained in all
50 States and DC

Winning Candidates

Alaska — 26 Wins

13 Elected Officials | 13 Primary Winners

Alabama — 40 Wins

14 Elected Officials | 26 Primary Winners

As a candidate, I now feel more capable of making a vote plan as I canvass [during] the GOTV time period. I also like knowing there are video resources on the website I can share with my volunteers. Thank you for a great and helpful presentation!

Linda Meigs

Arkansas — 97 Wins

19 Elected Officials | 78 Primary Winners

The training provided encouragement and expertise on honing my message as well as calculating my win number.

Jene Huffman-Gilreath

Arkansas State Representative

Arizona — 69 Wins

24 Elected Officials | 45 Primary Winners

California — 215 Wins

143 Elected Officials | 72 Primary Winners

Colorado — 99 Wins

43 Elected Officials | 56 Primary Winners

NDTC has really helped me promote my campaign through social media and create some of the most successful e-mails!

Sydney Ludwick

Connecticut — 75 Wins

56 Elected Officials | 19 Primary Winners

Delaware — 53 Wins

20 Elected Officials | 33 Primary Winners

Florida — 192 Wins

49 Elected Officials | 143 Primary Winners

Georgia — 356 Wins

128 Elected Officials | 228 Primary Winners

With prior experience serving as field director for a campaign for this seat in 2016, I thought I knew what I was getting into when I decided to run. I quickly learned that there was a lot more work to it, but the NDTC's training prepared me for it! From crafting an effective stump speech, to formulating a comprehensive field plan and calculating vote goals, to fundraising strategies, training with the NDTC has been the biggest asset to my campaign thus far.

Matt Southwell

Georgia State Representative

Hawaii — 24 Wins

11 Elected Officials | 13 Primary Winners

Iowa — 79 Wins

23 Elected Officials | 56 Primary Winners

I was unopposed in my primary but the training has been amazing in building enthusiasm and creating a record breaking turnout for the primary election!

Jodi Clemens

Former Candidate for Iowa House of Representatives, District 73

Idaho — 67 Wins

20 Elected Officials | 47 Primary Winners

Illinois — 453 Wins

229 Elected Officials | 224 Primary Winners

I attended the NTDC weekend in Springfield for the candidate bootcamp and met you there, and took your workshop which was fabulous. I learned so much that weekend and was very energized by the work your organization is doing. By far and away, it has been the best resource I have received so far as a candidate! I wish I had your information from the very first day that I decided to run, it would’ve save me a lot of time and headaches!

Lynn LaPlante

Indiana — 304 Wins

104 Elected Officials | 200 Primary Winners

There is minimal chance I would have won in the primary without the NDTC training. My opponent had the experience and knowledge of campaigning. I had no campaign experience, no fundraising experience, and no political experience at all.

Sam Charbonneau

Former Candidate for Indiana House of Representatives, District 72

Kansas — 211 Wins

88 Elected Officials | 123 Primary Winners

Kentucky — 127 Wins

52 Elected Officials | 75 Primary Winners

Without NDTC I would be lost on certain topics. The training has helped me understand how to plan a successful campaign; I love the worksheets and the detail of the presentations. I appreciate the conciseness of the videos, and the transcripts are helpful for review. In addition to my Emerge KY training I am ready to run this race! Thanks NDTC.

LaToya Drake

Kentucky State Representative

Louisiana — 26 Wins

14 Elected Officials | 12 Primary Winners

Massachusetts — 117 Wins

66 Elected Officials | 51 Primary Winners

Maryland — 158 Wins

66 Elected Officials | 92 Primary Winners

The NDTC helped me and my campaign volunteers learn more about calculating our vote count, phone banking, canvassing and fundraising. It was very helpful in preparing us for our primary election. Thank you. NDTC is a wonderful resource.

Karen Simpson

Maryland State Representative

Maine — 57 Wins

28 Elected Officials | 29 Primary Winners

Michigan — 278 Wins

109 Elected Officials | 169 Primary Winners

I think what’s most telling of the success of the NDTC’s training is that I have fundraised more money, knocked on more doors, held more campaign events, and engaged more voters than any Democratic candidate in the recent history of my district going back at least a decade.

Robert Van Kirk

Michigan State Representative

Minnesota — 100 Wins

51 Elected Officials | 49 Primary Winners

NDTC’s courses helped me prepare for this run by really honing in on some of the specific details I wasn’t as familiar with and I can tell it’s already made an impact with each step I’ve taken along the way. Whether you’re running for office right now or you’re considering it two years from now, it’s not too early to start learning how to build your campaign.

Wendy Berry

City Councilmember, St. Paul Ward 3, Minnesota

Missouri — 167 Wins

38 Elected Officials | 129 Primary Winners

I love the video tutorials and the worksheets that go along with them. It’s very easy to jump around and work on a session pertaining to a timely topic for your campaign.

Mitch Weber

Missouri State Representative

Mississippi — 61 Wins

23 Elected Officials | 38 Primary Winners

Montana — 69 Wins

15 Elected Officials | 54 Primary Winners

There are not many options for help in Montana when you are in a primary. The video tutorials that NDTC offers helps so much!

Amelia Marquez

Montana State Representative

North Carolina — 233 Wins

140 Elected Officials | 93 Primary Winners

In 2017, when an unprecedented number of Democrats told us they wanted to run for office, NDTC came in and helped us make sure that anyone who was interested had access to training for how to get involved in campaigns or become a candidate. For the first time in modern history, we fielded a candidate for every single race in the North Carolina General Assembly.

Graig Meyer

North Carolina State Representative

North Dakota — 71 Wins

9 Elected Officials | 62 Primary Winners

I live in a community that went 80% for Donald Trump, so saying we have an uphill battle is an understatement! The training from NDTC has helped us to approach the race strategically and feel like we had the tools to be successful.

Crysta Parkinson

Former Candidate for North Dakota House of Representatives, District 1

Nebraska — 52 Wins

15 Elected Officials | 37 Primary Winners

It has been a tremendous help in navigating our democratic process. I have a newfound respect for fundraising, volunteerism, and candidates. This has been an experience of a lifetime.

Mike Hughes

Douglas County Sheriff, Nebraska

New Hampshire — 208 Wins

64 Elected Officials | 144 Primary Winners

New Jersey — 174 Wins

78 Elected Officials | 96 Primary Winners

New Mexico — 56 Wins

23 Elected Officials | 33 Primary Winners

Nevada — 21 Wins

10 Elected Officials | 11 Primary Winners

New York — 163 Wins

95 Elected Officials | 68 Primary Winners

I found the NDTC VAN Training to be especially useful for our staff that hadn’t had much experience with field/VAN yet and needed those necessary VAN skills to give them the confidence to be more autonomous in their work. The flexibility of the training worked very well with the unpredictable schedule of campaigns. Thank you so much for providing such a great resource!

Sophie Jane Boldiston

Ohio — 230 Wins

128 Elected Officials | 102 Primary Winners

Oklahoma — 65 Wins

15 Elected Officials | 50 Primary Winners

There is a LOT to know about running for office and I am very thankful that an organization like NDTC exists to demystify the process and help everyday people be able to run for office, not just the wealthy and powerful!

Amanda Douglas

2018 Candidate, U.S. House of Representatives (OK-1)

Oregon — 39 Wins

18 Elected Officials | 21 Primary Winners

Pennsylvania — 335 Wins

165 Elected Officials | 170 Primary Winners

Rhode Island — 28 Wins

12 Elected Officials | 16 Primary Winners

South Carolina — 57 Wins

24 Elected Officials | 33 Primary Winners

South Dakota — 40 Wins

10 Elected Officials | 30 Primary Winners

Tennessee — 136 Wins

39 Elected Officials | 97 Primary Winners

Texas — 215 Wins

78 Elected Officials | 137 Primary Winners

The training I received was instrumental in building the relentless ground game that we organized. I learned the tools needed to be successful and implemented them on the path to victory. Specifically, our plan and budget helped us mobilize, switch strategies when we needed to and helped us win! The training, staff, and peer support were crucial. I gained the confidence I needed to win!

Celina Vasquez

Utah — 63 Wins

20 Elected Officials | 43 Primary Winners

Virginia — 207 Wins

105 Elected Officials | 102 Primary Winners

Vermont — 45 Wins

19 Elected Officials | 26 Primary Winners

Washington — 244 Wins

117 Elected Officials | 127 Primary Winners

Wisconsin — 82 Wins

39 Elected Officials | 43 Primary Winners

West Virginia — 30 Wins

6 Elected Officials | 24 Primary Winners

I have been an activist and helped on campaigns before, but I’ve never run for office so I had no idea where or how to start a campaign. These trainings explain every aspect of developing and running a successful campaign. For someone who knows nothing, everything was helpful.

Sandy Shaw

West Virginia State Representative

Wyoming — 51 Wins

15 Elected Officials | 36 Primary Winners

Washington DC — 8 Wins

7 Elected Officials | 1 Primary Winners

— 1 Wins

1 Elected Officials | 0 Primary Winners

The National Democratic Training Committee’s work as one of the premier Democratic training organizations in the country makes it easier for Democrats to run for office, work on campaigns and create change in our communities. If you want to make a difference in Democratic politics, learn from NDTC at traindemocrats.org

Chuck Schumer

United States Senator, New York


Every single election has consequences. The National Democratic Training Committee knows this better than anyone, and that is why they are committed to providing comprehensive empowerment for Democrats at every level, in every state. The work of the NDTC is as necessary as it is challenging. Their grassroots efforts have trained the Democratic leaders of tomorrow, for the challenges of today. Their work in New Mexico, and across the nation, is critical to the future of our party. When Democrats are organized, Democrats win.

Michele Lujan Grisham

Governor of New Mexico



Cooperative, Not Competitive

NDTC is proudly collaborative, not competitive. We partner with recruitment organizations, labor unions, trade groups, state parties, and other progressive organizations, and look to grow our list of partnerships and collaborations daily.

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