It’s hard to believe August is already over, but welcome to NDTC in the News!

This past month was action-packed, and NDTC had its fair share of news coverage.

In the aftermath of the Democratic debates in Detroit, NDTC’s CEO and Founder Kelly Dietrich appeared in several local and national publications to discuss the performances of several 2020 candidates. He offered his advice for candidates who struggled, as well as those who had standout moments. This came on the heels of several press appearances, including CNN and US News, by Dietrich in late July before and after the debate. 

Let’s get into it!

Healthcare Takes Center Stage at Debate

Christian Science Monitor: In health care fight, Democrats wrestle with Obama legacy – and party’s future

During the second round of 2020 Democratic debates in Detroit, candidates dedicated much of their stage time to healthcare reform. Progressives and moderates clashed over how best to provide affordable healthcare for all Americans. NDTC Founder and CEO Kelly Dietrich sat down with the Christian Science Monitor to discuss candidates’ efforts to convince Democratic primary voters that their proposal is the right one. 

In Democratic Debate, Obama’s Legacy Examined

CNBC: Joe Biden forced to defend Obama’s legacy as 2020 rivals go on the attack

Democratic presidential candidates used their debate to examine the policies of the Obama Administration on issues such as healthcare and immigration. NDTC’s CEO and Founder Kelly Dietrich offered his take on candidates’ critique of the Obama legacy and the political strategy behind it. 

Debate Qualifications Threaten Democratic Candidates

The Hill: Candidates scramble to qualify for third debate as deadline nears

As the third upcoming Democratic presidential debate approaches in September, multiple Democratic candidates are struggling to qualify. Candidates must have 130,000 individual donors and poll at least 2% in a national poll to qualify. NDTC Founder and CEO Kelly Dietrich discussed the mounting pressure on candidates who have yet to qualify for the debates

Biden’s Performance in Iowa Reinforces Frontrunner Status

The Guardian: Biden in his element in Iowa – is he still the Democrat most likely to beat Trump?

Despite several blunders on the campaign trail, former Vice President Joe Biden’s robust performance at the Iowa State Fair reinforced his status as Democratic frontrunner. According to NDTC Founder and CEO Kelly Dietrich, as the former Vice President and his ties to the Democratic establishment may outweigh his performances in the past two debates and unpopularity with more progressive Democrats.  

Democrats Train Hundreds in South Carolina

CBS News: 2020 Sunday Trail Markers: Dems head to Native American issues forum

High turnout at NDTC’s South Carolina Blue Bench Training caught the attention of CBS News, who spoke to NDTC Founder and CEO Kelly Dietrich, about NDTC’s mission and successes. 

Looming Debate Puts Pressure on Democratic Candidates

The Hill: Democratic candidates face hard choices as 2020 field winnows

With the third Democratic Presidential debate approaching in September, several presidential candidates are threatened by large fundraising and polling gaps. NDTC Founder and CEO Kelly Dietrich, spoke with The Hill about how not qualifying for the debates could be the end for several candidates.  

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That’ll do it for this month’s edition of “NDTC in the News”. Be on the lookout for our September edition in the near future! 

At NDTC, we’re honored to help so many incredible Democrats from across America run for office and build party infrastructure. Together, we can help Democrats win in every county in every corner of our country. Thanks for doing your part.

Keep up the good work, and we’ll be in touch soon!

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