NDTC in the News: June Roundup

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Welcome to the June edition of “NDTC in the News”!

Over the past few months, countless news reports have documented the enthusiasm and activism among grassroots Democrats.

Concerned citizens from all walks of life are getting off the sidelines and involving themselves in our political process.

The last few years have seen an unprecedented surge in progressive candidates launching campaigns for public office. It’s been our honor to help many of them along the way.

Here are some of the articles in June which highlighted some of the candidates we’ve trained and our work to build Democratic strength up and down the ballot in every part of the country.

Abortion Ban Inspires Progressive Women to Run for Office

HuffPost 6/01/19: Extreme Abortion Bans Inspire Progressive Women To Run For Office

In the wake of Georgia’s governor signing a “heartbeat” abortion ban bill into state law, the Huffington Post sent reporters to cover our June 1 in-person training in Macon, GA. One-hundred-and-twenty dedicated progressives – more than half of whom were women – braved the sweltering heat to learn the skills to run for office.

The HuffingtonPost spoke to our Director of Online Trainings, Rose Clouston, about the enthusiasm NDTC has seen at the grassroots level in the lead-up to the 2020 election cycle.

McLennan County Democrats Prepare for 2020

KCEN-TV (Central Texas) 6/08/19: McLennan County Trains for 2020 Elections

KCEN, Central Texas’ local NBC affiliate, caught up with NDTC’s Communications Associate, Jacob Vurpillat, at our in-person training with the McLennan County Democrats in Waco, Texas. Vurpillat discussed our efforts to help Democrats build up electoral strength in communities throughout the country.

Ideological Diversity in America’s Political Parties

US News 6/14/19: Quelling the Political Insurgency

NDTC Founder and CEO Kelly Dietrich discusses the state of the Democratic party at the state and local level. Though diverse in ideology, Dietrich says that Democrats are united in their desire to win up and down the ballot.

2020 Democrats Engage with Red State Voters

Politico 6/14/19: Dems Take Red State Detours to Prove 2020 Electability

As the 2020 Democratic primary heats up, candidates are traveling to traditionally red states like Idaho, West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Utah as part of a broader pitch for electability.

NDTC Founder and CEO Kelly Dietrich says Democrats paying attention to voters in communities all over the country is beneficial to the party in the long term. To win everywhere, Democrats need to show up everywhere.

Parties Focus on Georgia in Run Up to 2020 Election

Atlanta Journal-Constitution 6/19/19: How Georgia Has Become a Training Ground for 2020 Operatives

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution covers the surge in grassroots enthusiasm in American politics. With Georgia as a hotbed of political activity in the lead up to 2020, AJC highlighted NDTC’s live training in Macon, GA on 6/01/19. NDTC is training candidates and staffers to help capitalize on Democratic momentum in the Peach State.

NDTC’s Staff Academy Helps Lead the Way in Campaign Staff Diversity

Washington Post 6/30/19: As Democratic base becomes more diverse, party tries to diversify campaign workers

A week following the culmination of our 2019 Staff Academy program, the Washington Post covers how the program, and NDTC itself, addresses the growing desire for diverse campaign staff members.

Staff Academy graduates Samreena Farooqui and Peter Nouhan spoke with the Washington Post about challenges they face as minorities in the political world and how NDTC’s Staff Academy has provided them with the skills and connections to succeed in the field.

Stay Tuned!

That’s all for this month’s News Roundup!

At NDTC, we know it’s critically important for Democrats across America to get involved at every level of government. That’s why we’re committed to helping progressives develop the tools they need to mount a winning campaign.

Be on the lookout for next month’s edition of “NDTC in the News”.

Until next time!

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