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With the arrival of October and the official beginning of fall, it’s time for the September edition of NDTC in the News! 

September was a busy month for NDTC. With the Democratic debate in Houston and numerous Live Trainings all over the country, NDTC and founder and CEO Kelly Dietrich earned a substantial amount of news coverage. 

Let’s get started! 

Progressive Candidates Battle It Out In Houston

The Hill: Three-way clash set to dominate Democratic debate 

Going into September’s Democratic Debate in Houston Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Joe Biden’s high polling numbers made them the ones to watch. However, according to NDTC founder Kelly Dietrich, the top three candidates are unlikely to get much one-on-one confrontation at the debate. 

NDTC Sits Down With Campaign Workshop 

The Campaign Workshop: 7 Questions with Kelly Dietrich, founder, and CEO of the NDTC

Kelly Dietrich, founder, and CEO of the National Democratic Training Committee has spent over twenty years in Democratic politics. With his insight about how to get involved in politics. Kelly sat down to talk about everything from training resources to the 2020 elections! 

NDTC Trains in the Aloha State

Blue Hawaii: Episode 72 – Training Democrats in Honolulu 

Before NDTC’s first-ever training in Hawaii Kelly Dietrich sat with the Blue Hawaii podcast to talk about NDTC’s Blue Bench Trainings which are held all over the country and the upcoming training in Honolulu. 

Rhode Island Democrats Get Trained

The Providence Journal: Political boot camp teaches R.I. Democrats how to run for office

NDTC was lucky to have the Providence Journal at our Rhode Island training this September. The training saw prospective candidates, volunteers, and party members learn valuable skills and tools about political messaging and digital strategies.  

A Growing Partisan Divide

The Hill: Partisan divisions sharpen as independent voters fade

Ahead of the 2020 election party division is at an all-time high. With a shrinking number of independent voters, the upcoming presidential will see a monumental effort by both parties to rally supporters. Kelly Dietrich spoke to The Hill about different party strategies to increase voter turnout in 2020.  

Democrats Eye Local Races For 2020 

Axios: Democrats target over 26,000 local races to unseat Republicans

The presidential election is not the only important election of 2020. Thousands of state and local positions will be on the ballot as well. Democrats have hit the ground running to challenge Republican incumbents. Kelly Dietrich spoke with Axios about the opportunity Democrats have to reclaim positions all over the country.  

Momentum Begins to Slow For Some Candidates

The Hill: Harris support fades at critical stage

National Democratic Training Committee’s Political Director, Anthony Robinson, was featured on The Hill to discuss Kamala Harris’s waning support in key states following an initial substantial bump following the first Democratic debate. 

Impeachment Support Grows Across Demographics

The Hill: Public opinion polls show shift toward impeaching Trump 

As public support for impeachment grows following news of President Trump’s request for the Ukrainian President to investigate Joe Biden, more elected Democrats have called for impeachment proceedings. Kelly Dietrich spoke with The Hill about the role of Democrats in the upcoming proceedings. 

Wisconsin Democrats Get Trained

WSAW-TV: Democrats train for 2020 campaign  

Candidates, campaign staff, and volunteers gathered in Stevens Point, Wisconsin this month to learn more about skills to connect with voters and how to get involved in the election process. NDTC’s Live Training Director Collyn Warner spoke with WSAW-TV about providing Wisconsin Democrats with the resources they need to win.

Candidates Finish Up Fall Fundraising Quarter

The Hill: Democrats sprint to fundraising deadline ahead of critical stretch

As the third fundraising quarter of 2019 comes to a close Democratic candidates are rushing to achieve fundraising goals.  Before primary season, Kelly Dietrich spoke to The Hill about the mounting importance of each passing quarter and how the upcoming months may be the breaking point for several candidates. 

‘Til Next Time!

That’s all for this month’s edition of NDTC in the News! 

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