July 10, 2018

By Pavitra Abraham

With summer well underway, NDTC’s Live Training program is seeing some of it’s biggest trainings to date! June is the month of state party conventions, a slew of primary elections, and oh yes – it’s Pride Month!

In June alone, we trained over 750 people across the country. These trainings included everything from NDTC’s full day bootcamp, to trainings at state party conventions, and of course our 2 webinars with ActBlue and AFSCME! Each of the learners we met in June brought a unique set of experiences and skills to the trainings.

On June 6th, we teamed up with ActBlue to host a Digital Fundraising Webinar focused on how to effectively raise grassroots dollars for your campaign. We were joined by learners from all over the country who wanted to know more about running effectively fundraising programs. Curious about what we learned? Check out the webinar recording here.

Thought that webinar was helpful? Well, there’s more!

On June 21st, NDTC was thrilled to host a webinar with our partners at AFSCME. Through this webinar we were able to discuss the state of the labor movement as well as the details of Janus v. AFSCME. We were joined by AFSCME Secretary-Treasurer, Elissa McBride who provided important context and insights. You can view the webinar here.

Georgia Democrats are on our Mind!

First, NDTC started the month with its trip to the Empire State of the South, only to be greeted by a training full of eager Democrats. This training presented a unique opportunity for NDTC’s online cohort members to meet our live training program! Through this, they learned even more about how to run a strategic campaign in their home state!

Start Spreading the News…New York Democrats are Fired Up!

Next, together with the New York Democratic Party, we hosted the first ever Grassroots Summit to bring together volunteer organizations, party leadership, and activists from across the state. This training featured our friends at Organizing for Action, Swing Left, and Emerge America. It was great to see so many Democrats fighting to keep the state blue!

Democrats are Evergreen in the Evergreen State

Then, NDTC Trainers joined the Washington Democratic Party at their 2018 State Convention in Wenatchee for a Friday of trainings. Not only did our trainers have a blast, they got to work with trainees from across the state on the fundamentals of fundraising, field, digital, and messaging.

New Hampshire Democrats are Fighting for the Blue Wave

Finally, we closed out the month strong with our full day training in New Hampshire with the New Hampshire Democratic Party. This training came the day after Portsmouth Pride and allowed activists, candidates, local party members, and campaign staff to band together in support of the #BlueWave.

Join a NDTC Live Training in July

July is an exciting month for the NDTC. We will be in Virginia, Nevada, Illinois, Texas, Georgia and several other states! We can’t wait to see you there!

Pavitra Abraham is the former Director of Live Training and Political Partnerships at the National Democratic Training Committee. She got her start as a field organizer on Barack Obama's presidential campaign in Michigan, where she first fell in love with organizing. Since then, she has spent time with the National Organization for Women and People for the American Way working to reach women of color across the country through grassroots organizing. Before coming to NDTC, she was the Training Director for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign in Iowa. A proud Michigan native, Pavitra is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a degree in political science, focusing on American politics and gender studies. In her spare time, she enjoys all reality television, attending the Chicago Symphony, and cheering on Michigan sports. Go Blue!