October 2017: Jefferson City, MO Training

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This past weekend we were lucky enough to spend the day training candidates in Jefferson City, Missouri with the Missouri Democratic Party. We had such a good time we thought we’d share the day with y’all on the blog!

candidates from MO Special Elections

2 recent candidates from MO Special Elections spoke to the trainees.

 NDTC and MODP staff

NDTC and MODP staff

As we move into the fall, we are excited to be expanding our live training program and heading to 3 more states by the end of the year. We will be hosting trainings in Nebraska, Louisiana, and South Dakota covering everything from running a grassroots program to building a strategic finance plan.

We are also excited to be rapidly growing our team to include additional trainers and a Regional Training Lead. Looking ahead to 2018, we plan to host live trainings in all 50 states with a commitment to providing resources to as many Democrats as possible. Want to get involved? Check out our job postings on our website or contact our team for more information!

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