Alexandra Townsend - National Democratic Training Committee
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Alexandra Townsend

AFSCME | Texas

Alexandra Townsend has over ten years of political, legislative, and campaign experience in her role at AFSCME and even more working within progressive politics. She has worked to recruit, train, and elect candidates in multiple states in an effort to ensure working people have strong advocates in the halls of government. As a member of the progressive movement, Alex has actively sought opportunities to mentor and support other organizers and professionals, particularly women, in order to build a broader and more inclusive movement. She has fostered mentoring relationships with candidates and elected officials, as well individuals who have become their campaign managers, communications advisors, research associates and more. People whom Alex has mentored now lead state house caucuses, serve in state legislatures, manage state house caucus campaign arms, are candidate and ballot campaign managers, digital managers, fundraising associates, or are legislative aides… to list a few. When Alex isn’t campaigning, she enjoys traveling, gardening, and trying out recipes that remind her of home back in Texas. As a member of the NDTC Finance Board, Alex is excited to work with an organization created to build and train a broader, stronger, and more diverse Democratic Party and progressive movement.