Alicia Walker-Patterson - National Democratic Training Committee
 Alicia Walker-Patterson headshot

Alicia Walker-Patterson

A Wife, Mother, Project Manager, Organizer, Podcast Producer, and Artist from the Bay Area, CA. Throughout my career, I have co-developed an effective campaign outreach strategy for a range of public offices and candidates, from mayoral to presidential.

I’ve partnered closely with key community leaders, as well as stakeholders to ensure successful passing of legislation, and I have implemented unique training initiatives. Inspired by ancestrally cultivated passion for the improvement of our collective community, through continued personal and group accountability processes. I now work as a Trainer at Hollaback! Which just pioneered the creation of the NYC “Street Harassment Advisory Board”; as a Sr. Organizer at Carolina Federation, and as Executive Producer of Martin X Malcolm Podcast that answers the question of what if the Civil Rights Era Titans lived on to explore the complex social climate we live in today.