Anastasia Apa - National Democratic Training Committee
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Anastasia Apa

Anastasia Apa has spent 20 years managing and raising money for progressive political organizations, candidate campaigns, and non-profits. In 2002, she managed the ACLU’s “Say No to Discrimination” Campaign, a successful ballot initiative in her home county of Miami-Dade, Florida. Since, she has traveled the country, managing and raising money, working in almost 40 states, and raising north of $60,000,000.

Apa specializes in fundraising for tough-to-win races, Republican-stronghold districts, and with first-time candidates, or elected officials who had not had to raise much money in past elections. She has an extensive training background and has worked as a trainer for groups like United Voices for America, Chicago Votes, and Democracy for America, supporting youth, leaders, staff, and candidates.