Angela Theresa Henderson - National Democratic Training Committee
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Angela Theresa Henderson

Angela Theresa Henderson is a life long New Orleanian, by way of Manhattan, who was born in Houston. She has sustained a 20 year career as a political strategist and advocacy campaign operative. In her capacity as an advocate she has worked to shed light on childhood obesity and its related risk factors, women’s heart health and breast cancer, increasing blood donations of African Americans, and the food insecurity that plagues our nation. Her political work is no less varied, as Angela has collaborated on local, statewide, out of state, and national campaigns. Her proudest moments were while helping to elect and re-elect President Barack Obama after hearing him speak at the 2004 Democratic Convention in Boston. Taking time off to have a daughter was the closing of one window and the opening of another. During that time Angela taught herself how to sew and created a handmade lifestyle brand currently focusing on “doll and me” clothes for young girls and their 18” doll collections.