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Fleming Beaver

A veteran of five campaign cycles, six states, and two Iowa Caucus teams, Fleming Beaver loves organizing with his whole heart and is incredibly excited to share this work with others. After working as a member of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign in 2015 and 2016 in Iowa, Colorado, Idaho, and Virginia, Fleming spent two years organizing with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, successfully re-electing Tammy Baldwin, defeating Scott Walker, and laying the long-term grassroots infrastructure to keep Wisconsin blue for the future. He then joined Elizabeth Warren's presidential campaign in Iowa, where he managed a caucus team across twenty-three counties and over 270 precincts, but more importantly, got to be part of an amazing team who fought for an incredible candidate. Fleming finished 2020 as a Deputy Organizing Director with Battleground Iowa. A North Carolina native, Fleming loves to cook, hike, and talk about Star Wars ("The Last Jedi" is good, "The Rise of Skywalker" is bad). He is currently the Data Services Manager in the Data Analytics Research Team at PPFA