James Johnson - National Democratic Training Committee
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James Johnson

Marketing Graphic Design Specialist

James Johnson joins NDTC as the Marketing Graphic Design Specialist. James is responsible for creating visual content for all social media platforms and creating visual communication for blogs, GIFs, events, presentations, one-pagers, and other collateral while continuing to aesthetically improve NDTC's brand. After earning his Associate of Arts at Atlanta Metropolitan State College, two Bachelor of Arts at Alabama State University and Atlanta Metropolitan State College, and his Master of Fine Arts at Jacksonville State University, he entered the political world to explore his passion for design and branding as well as helping NDTC push their vision to recruit learners of oppressed communities and help them win their political office to make a difference in this country. In addition to his primary job functions, he was recognized by the American Advertising Federation by receiving two gold American Advertising Awards (ADDYS), one including the overall best student show for his book design "Melanin Aesthetics" which highlights black designers that currently work in the design industry. James' favorite hobbies are designing in his free time, enjoying the outdoors, listening to music, hanging out with his friends, and mapping out ways to help bring more black men like himself to the design industry.