Justice Marks - National Democratic Training Committee
 Justice Marks headshot

Justice Marks

Full-Stack Developer

Justice Marks is a technologist thru and thru at the National Democratic Training Committee. As a Full-stack Developer, Justice works to empower each team at NDTC to work to their highest potential, but most of all she works most to write code for people first, machines second. Whether that be creating accessible front ends for a diverse user base, or well documented and tested API’s for other developers, she’s passionate about connecting people in a single mission thru technology.

Because of this, she’s always tinkering with emerging software paradigms to find the best tool for the job and finds the most joy when she can learn something new.

When not thinking thru complex software conundrums, which when one dreams in code is rare, you can find Justice hunting for dance music records, soldering together synthesizers, or promoting Harm Reduction resources in her community.