Justice Marks - National Democratic Training Committee
 Justice Marks headshot

Justice Marks

Full Stack Developer II

Justice Marks serves at NDTC as a Full Stack developer. Justice works as a steward for NDTC’s techno. Whether it be architecting new services or implementing new UI, she works to empower each team at NDTC to work to their highest potential by solving complex problems with clean, human readable code. Post attending the Ohio State University, she worked in the worlds of fast growing tech startups and community organizing around harm reduction and transgender justice. After completing a software engineering program at Flatiron school, she was finally able to combine her passion for tech and politics at NDTC! She’s passionate about web accessibility and always tinkering with the latest emerging web technologies. She’s especially interested in serverless architecture and distributed system design. When not problem solving for NDTC, you can find Justice making music with a variety of synthesizers and gadgets or at the record store hunting for fun dance music.