Lacey Connelly - National Democratic Training Committee
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Lacey Connelly

Lacey has worked on campaigns for 18+ years. Starting as an intern during the 2004 IL Senate primary (where her boss lost to a little known State Senator named Barack Obama), she went on to be an Organizer, Direct Mail Consultant, Compliance Manager, Training Director, and Caucus Director for the WV House Democrats. She left the Caucus in 2021 to start working for her local government and become a Teaching Fellow for Professor Marshall Ganz at Harvard Kennedy School’s Executive Education program.

Lacey has lived in big cities across the country, but her heart lies in the small towns of Appalachia. She loves working with organizers and candidates whose passion is making change on the local and state level, especially in "red" states that are under-resourced and underestimated.

When she's not teaching or training up-and-coming superstars, you'll probably find Lacey leading a yoga class, reading with a cat or dog on her lap, listening to K-pop, or camping in the hills of her home state.